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OpenPPG v3.1 Manual

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Table of Contents

  1. Specs
  2. Parts list / diagram
  3. How to assemble
  4. Battery installation
  5. Battery charging
  6. Harness installation
  7. Pre-flight check
  8. Controller operation
  9. Suggested maintenance
  10. Warnings
  11. Video resources


Thrust: 160 lbs

Weight (no batteries or harness): 20 lbs

Peak power use: 300 amps, 48 volts

Cruise power use: ??

Flight time: 10-12 minutes for each set of 2 bonka batteries

Dimensions when ready to fly:

Dimensions when folded up:

Motor spec?

Parts list / diagram


  1. Bottom plates cf (2)
  2. Inside legs cf (2) (need pic to show difference)
  3. Outside legs cf (2)
  4. Arms cf (8)
  5. Front motor plates cf (4)
  6. Rear motor plates cf (4)
  7. Gooseneck bars (2)
  8. 20mm Standoffs
  9. 35mm Standoffs
  10. N3 Bolts
  11. N4 Bolts

cf - carbon fiber part

m - Metal part

Power system

  1. Motors (4)
  2. Motor controllers (ESCs) (4)



  • Narrow nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Utility knife
  • N3 Allen key (inch/mm ??) (a second key is helpful)
  • N4 Allen key (driver is helpful)
  • Socket (sizes?) and ratchet driver
  • Soldering Iron (35Watt)


  • Electrical tape and/or Heat shrink (sizes ?)
  • 60/40 Solder
  • Thread Locker adhesive (sug. Loctite Red 271)

How to assemble

The frame structure is assembled from paired carbon plates which are bolted together using standoffs between the plates and bolts from each side into the standoffs. The parts key together at the edges and thus lock together.

Assemble lower frame and legs

  1. Assemble one leg using an inner and an outer leg piece, nine 20mm standoffs and 18 N3 bolts.
  2. Assemble a second leg per step 1 using remaining inner and outer leg pieces. Be sure to assemble it as a mirror to the first so a left and a right leg are created.

Assemble arms and motors

Assemble gooseneck bars


Instructions for assembling the kit can be found here.

One possible layout for motor rotation:

OpenPPG can be folded up for easier transport. To make it flight ready:

  1. Lock arms and baseplate with hinges
  2. Attached hoop pieces with plastic spacers to arms
  3. Secure netting (?)


Battery installation

Suggested batteries:

OpenPPG requires 48 volts. Batteries must be installed in series to obtain 48 volts. Additional batteries must be installed in parallel.

Batteries may be attached to frame using a large strap: [PIC NEEDED]

Or with a DIY box: [PIC NEEDED]

Battery charging

Suggested Charger:

How to charge:

Always inspect your batteries for dents, tears, or other damage before each use.

What is balance charging?

What NOT to do when charging:

  1. Do NOT overcharge! This may cause fire.
  2. Do NOT leave your batteries charging unsupervised.

Harness installation

Pre-flight check

  1. Propeller arms locked open
  2. Cage and netting secure
  3. Batteries securely attached to frame
  4. Battery connections in correct setup (parallel & series) and connections secure and away from props
  5. Harness secure and no loose straps
  6. Turn on power switch

Controller operation

To arm the motors for flight:

Double click the flashing button on the top of the controller. You will then hear a tone confirming the system is armed.

To disarm/turn off:

Double click the solid red button. You will then hear a tone confirming the system is disarmed.

Suggested maintenance:


When flying with only 2 bonka batteries, batteries may overheat. It is suggested to fly with a minimum of 4 bonka batteries (or equivalent).

When flying with 2 batteries it drains a lot of current from the two packs. Flying with 4 batteries will drain 2 times less current (amps) from each pack, resulting in less heat generated at the battery pack level and the connections.

Video Resources

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