Power System

The Power System covers every component which powers your system (PPG) and provides thrust. The topics in the power system include Motors, ESC, Batteries, Props, Wiring, etc.


Have paramotor gear that you want to sell? This is the place to do that.


(The builds category is the spot to post your builds (It doesn’t have to be based on the OpenPPG frame or design, but those are also welcomed). Here people discuss and ask questions about your build or if you’re looking for help on your custom build this is the spot to post**)

Throttle Controller

The Throttle Controller category is the place to discuss various ppg throttle controller designs, as well as ways to improve current ones. If you have a cool design or idea for a better EPPG throttle controller this is the spot share your ideas.


Going to a flying event?
Let people know here and organize meeting up


As more and more pilots get their OpenPPGs we wanted to create a space for to show off your flights and other OpenPPG related tips etc

Getting in the Air

The Getting in the Air category contains topics about getting your OpenPPG ready and in the air safely for its first flights. Feel free to ask more general questions about flying here. Topics like “what wing size is best for me?” or “when is the best time of day to fly?” can be discussed here.


The Frame category should include topics about the structural component which provides mounting for the power system. The topics in the Frame category should relate to or include topics about folding for transportation, gooseneck bars, chage tubing, harness, mounting for hardware like motors, ESC, etc.


This is the place to write about how to use the OpenPPG and its related accessories.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Flight Controller

The Flight Controller category contains topics about the control system for the motors, ESC, and sensors (RPM, heat, vibrations) that help assist the Flight Controller to make safety decisions (e.g., killing the motors, limiting certain motors independently, increasing the throttle to other motors).