How to attach Dudek Powerseat to OpenPPG?

Hello, is anyone able to provide a few pictures that will help me (and everyone else) to perfectly attach the Dudek Powerseat to the OpenPPG’s main frame and the gooseneck bars?


Hi Etienne, is this how you installed yours? I haven’t done hang check yet as i’m waiting for battery so i’m not sure if it’s totally correct, basically followed the manual.

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yes, I did it the exact same way.

the two straps on the upper part of the shoulders, with the metal piece, are a bit tighter on my setup though.

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Thanks for confirming!

Thanks! I didn’t know what to do with those long bottom arm straps and now I do!

What’s the point of connecting the shoulder straps to the legs??? Aren’t those straps for an alternate high hookup option? I just removed them on mine… they don’t make sense for our system.

that’s the way it was on my SimplifyPPG Gas Paramotor.

The Harness is a “Simplify” Harness but in regards to the straps exactly like the Dudek Powerseat.

In my eyes it also makes perfectly sense to do it that way… the straps are not dangling around and when mounted properly (i.e. correct length) additionally support the shoulderstraps when you’re carrying the unit on the ground/launching.

Agreed. It does seem to support the bottom of the frame when on the ground. The straps are loose and do nothing in flight.