SP140 hang angle problems

Email sent… we’d discussed replacements for mine last year as I can’t get a good hang angle due to weight. Thanks!

The Iris arms did not improve the hang angle at all. But at least the Iris arms don’t come loose mid-flight.

Yeah – that’s what I’m wondering – do the OpenPPG swingarms actually change the hang angle? Do we have any hands-on reports from any of the lighter pilots about their experience?

The iris and and the Openppg CNC arms are not the same. The Open PPG arms let the hang point to be moved farther back so hang angle is improved.

Cool. Thank you! I just ordered a set.

Can you explain this a bit more? I just received the OpenPPG swingarms, and the dimensions are exactly the same at the Iris swingarms.

The distance from the frame mounting bolt to the rearmost hole for the riser hang point is exactly the same.
The distance from the frame mounting bolt to the opposite end where the harness connects is exactly the same.

It certainly doesn’t seem like it’s any different than the Iris swingarm geometry, but maybe there’s another aspect I’m missing.


I don’t have a set of iris arms to compare but I would try doing a hang test and see if they work for you. If not can send back for a refund. They do allow the hangpoint to be moved farther back then the TI bars with is what came stock before.

Let me know.

Ok, thank you. I kinda needed two sets of swingarms anyway (one for myself and one for my son), so I’m going to keep these. They look very nice and well-made, and definitely feel like an improvement over the stock arms. I was just hoping there would have been a bigger change in the hang angle compared to the Iris swingarms. No worries, I’m happy to have these new ones.


Good to know. Thanks for the comparison… they are cheaper than the Iris at least… do they have the same amount of holes for the hang points?

The Iris has two more holes toward the front than the OpenPPG, allowing the hang point to be moved further forward. Sorry for the poor photo – I didn’t feel like removing the Iris swingarm to show the difference, but lined them up as best I could. Overall length, and distance from the frame mounting point to the rearmost hole are the same.

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The first hole in the new CNC arm is 1/4 inch closer to the rear hole than the Iris arm. It might not be much but every little bit counts and they are NOT exactly the same.

Those Iris looks very beefy in comparison!

I like the swoop of the OpenPPG arms. But how do they attach to the frame? Do they have a copper core like the Iris that allow you to tighten them down really good but still allow it to swivel smoothly. ?

No, there’s no bushing. There’s a plastic insert, but it’s not structural. See Paul’s video here:

Also, these arms come with an M10 bolt. The stock arms are M8, so the frame will need to be drilled out to accommodate the larger bolt. The metal is very soft (aluminum), so it’s not hard to do with a regular cordless drill.

Ok, so I’ve read about the modifications that could work but regarding the arms what’s the conclusion with them when it comes to 150lbs pilots?
-Iris arms are very nice but don’t fix the hang angle as stated above, are expensive at 500 euro and heavy and I don’t need more weight for just level flight.

  • The Openppg cnc ones seem to have the same distance frame-rearest hole.
    -The air conception titanium ones (I presume they are similar to the SP140) are 300 euro but, like on the SP140 ones, you can’t adjust much on them either since you just have a bend and the softlink idealy should be in the middle of the bend.
  • Then there are the Simplify ones from Germany…I don’t know what their distance from the frame bolt to the rearest hole is, if I knew is less I might consider them. What turned me down at them is their metod of hooking the carabiners to the arm using two shackles on each arm. They have the offsets (little cilynders with bolts inside) just like any cnc arm but instead of attaching the softlinks on these they use two shackles beside these offsets and the softlinks go into the shackles. I’ve asked them why and they said it works best this way… They are 1200g. Any ideea if we could dodge the shackles and attach the softlinks on the offsets?
    I’ve saw somewhere on the forum a photo with the titanium over iris arm to compare hang points. Where the bend of one comes relative to the holes of the other, or anyone kind enough to share the distance between the mounting bolt and rearest hole/bend of these arms?

This might be a stupid question but do you just drill a 10 mm hole for the bolt to fit?

There is a quarter inch difference between the Iris arms and OpenPPG CNC arms so they are not the same. Also, the soft link is held more precisely and in a better position with the CNC arm vs the Titanium tube arms.

Do you have an SP-140 yet? Have you ordered one yet? If not, order yours with the CNC arms. And do a hang check.

A backboard as shown earlier in this thread not only adds comfort but helps the hang angle. Also, the angle changes significantly with power applied which is when the hang angle is most critical.

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Yes, but I don’t have metric drill bits, so I just used whichever SAE bit was just a hair larger than the bolt.

I have the SP140 frame, same engine, harness…so was thinking of finding arms in europe because ordering from usa will be 100 $ plus vat and that will go over 500$. That’s why I wanted more options but it seems that the only S arms people know of are titanium, iris and openppg cnc. I didn’t order them with the frame, maybe I should have.
I was thinking more to the velcro strap plus foam attached to the velcro, maybe sewed on, because I’m allready way over the weight I was hoping it will turn out.