SP140 hang angle problems

Not sure how much you weigh but I’m always a bit nervous of making too many modifications. I’m bigger at 190lbs but have never really messed with any of my paramotors. The SP140 cruises great for me with only simple adjustments to my hang point from the factory.


I’m 210# and my legs are probably longer than most people I’ve seen flying the SP140 whom seem to be the opposite with longer upper bodies and shorter legs. (just an observation) I’m flying a B+ PG wing, not sure if this has anything to do with the apparent forward leaning while flying in my seat. (January 2022 Pic)

Zach, what do you think about this thrust angle pic from today’s flying? I can pull several pics from different side angles if needed off today’s footage.
SP140 Flying Snapshot Low Thrust Angle snapshot 10092022

They are installed wrong. If sitting in the seat your left one needs to be attached on the inside and the right one on the outside.

Please clarify. Thanks.

I was replying to Grigsby… his iris arms are installs wrong.

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Is there some reason you don’t want to move the hang point forward?

Oh, good catch! Thank you for noticing! I had in the back of my mind that there should be something to create a bit of an offset, but my arms didn’t come with any instructions and I didn’t look at the pictures on the website closely enough. Thank you again! I’ll fix the left one.

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I think that’s the point of this whole thread – the range of hang angles with the stock arms is not good for people that weigh less than XXX lbs. (180-ish?) That’s why we’re all struggling to fix the problem. You’re fortunate that the stock geometry works well for you, but it definitely doesn’t work for all pilot sizes and weights.

I was going off of the recommended 5-15° from a PPG handbook and I think seeing a few too many videos of people dying from riser twist has me being overly cautious. What angle are you flying your SP at?

I’m one of the people who had been struggling to get my hang angle down to an acceptable number, so I’m probably not the best gauge of what’s “appropriate” for this machine. I’m currently at about 15-17 degrees.

There was some discussion earlier in this thread about powered vs unpowered hang angles. If you scroll up a ways you can probably find it. Since the thrust vector is relatively high on this machine, it tends to pitch forward quite a bit under power, so (if I’m understanding correctly), a greater unpowered hang angle is probably more acceptable since you’ll almost certainly pitch forward a few degrees under thrust. As you’ve discovered.

I suspect – though I’m not an expert – that you could move your hang points forward and increase your static hang angle to closer to 12-15 degrees, which would probably be more comfortable in flight and not feel like you’re going to fall forward out of the harness.

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Thanks for the heads up on previous posts discussing this situation, I’ll definitely back track through the thread to get a better understanding.

Yes, I definitely feel that the SP is pitched forward in flight compared to my static hang check. My only reference of flying a PPG was one flight last week on a mini plane top 80 and then I was on my SP.

Also, I was wondering why my cruise kwh was higher than most people and I’m flying a much bigger wing than most. :laughing:

I am 195LBS and have iris arms with the hour battery. I have been flying with the links all the way back but today I moved up just one hole. My flight under power feels better there even though my hang angle is more like 15 degrees vs. 12 degrees with them all the way back.

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New static hang check this afternoon, double check what I was flying after losing 10# since January. The sitting legs hanging down was 10.5-11°(originally 8°), legs stretched out on foot stirrup 9.1° and landing/take off position 5° motor positive pitch.

I made a couple adjustments on the collar until I reached 15° sitting legs hanging down, legs stretched out on foot stirrup 9.4° and landing/take off position 7.3° motor positive pitch. Hopefully, these adjustments fix the feeling of falling out of the harness and lower my required kwh power required for level flight. The SP was very pitchy on my previous flights with the lower thrust angle.

Happy flying!

The adjustment worked great which made for a more enjoyable flight experience, like sitting in a lawn chair while flying.


Does anyone know if the new CNC goose neck bars have solved this hang angle problem with lighter pilots? I am 70 kg (154 lbs) and I would be interested in ordering SP140 with 1 hour battery, but this hang angle problem worries me a bit.

Yes the CNC bars do improve the hang angle as hook in points can be moved farther back.

Paul, could you please reply to my email regarding these bars?

ya planning to go through the emails today probably take me 4 or so hours.

Are they significantly different than the Iris swingarms? Do they change the geometry more than the Iris swingarms? From the photo, they look very similar, but obviously it’s impossible to tell without a side-by-side comparison.