SP140 first flight experience - Light weight pilot

Just finished my first flight since 2019!
I’m a light pilot (150lbs) so I had to add three upgrades to get my CG better (still not perfect)

  1. 15mm shorter spacers on the motor
  2. longer shackles
  3. new goose neck bar to push the hang point back.
  • bi-blade:
  • Getting about 3.8kw on a 24m roadster 3 cruise speed.
    used about 20% battery on a 14 minute flight. going from 100-600ft a few times.

Thanks for sharing. Which gooseneck bars did you add?

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Paul at openPPG bent up some arms for me.

I’m about the same weight. This is how my CG looks like in level flight. Would you say this is unacceptable?

I do not own a SP140…but hope to. To me the angle does seem a bit much. Assuming the horizon is flat there is a relative 27 degree angle. Now note that everyone’s angle is “unique”, and while under power the angle may be exaggerated, but a decent resource (How To Do Paramotor Hang Test- Setting Up Hang Angle And Hang Points - Paramotor Guide) shows about an 8 degree angle during a hang test with no power. The PPG Bible states the range should be 5-15 angle. I would recommend performing a hang test (e.g. in your garage), taking pictures and trying to aim for an angle closer to 8…but again will require some trial and error. Just my 2 cents and look forward to hearing from experienced/knowledgeable fliers…because I would also like to know.

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Mind sharing a photo of modifications?
I’m trying to understand how longer shackles help?

that angle could be dangerous under full throttle
I would recommend the following:
A) Tighten up the top straps of the harness as much as possible. Pull the seat back adjustment as far forward as possible (not as comfortable but still good).
B) Move the goose neck rings as far back as possible without going down the bar
C) shorter motor spacers
D) longer shackles (lowers the seat about an inch for moving CG forward a bit)
I also front mounted my reserve for more weight up front.

spacers: Spacers and Positive Terminal Cover SP140

these are the shackles: I got: Self-locking tack shackle - Dia 6 mm | Wichard Marine
these are expensive! not as wide as the originals but they work. they are super secure and feel like they don’t even need a security wire (still put one on)

hard to see all the changes, but this photo you can see the shackle:

Thanks for the tips, tatawaki! Will try it all.
Why can’t I move the gooseneck rings really far back, like half-way down the bar? What is the danger?

it transfer pressure to the ring instead of the bar. potential for it to slip off.

155 pounds here. In order to change my angle from the first pic to the second, I had to move my hang points back a whole lot. It’s a bit awkward to attach in the risers, and braking is more outwards rather than straight down, but it works.

I have small arms and it’s already tight with the new bent arms from openppg. You should try them to see if it will work. it will improve your hang point position but it’s so much tighter at the arms, I’ve already banged my elbows a few times flaring.

spacers and a front mount reserve helped with my GC.

LoL, I was thinking about going to the local playground when I get my SP 140 for a hang test as well. Throttle throttle! :laughing:

Did all of you go with the L/XL harness?

I have the Small/Medium.

Two teens were smoking weed right above. Glad to give them some entertainment :slight_smile:

Do the shackles make a noticeable difference? I checked it out online, $50 a piece!

I can’t say as I did all the improvements at once.

Hahaha, they were probably tripping off of you and say, look dude he’s going to fly.

I ordered the L/XL harness, I’m 6’2" 210 lbs…

I just picked up my SP140 the week before Christmas and have been going through the assembly and tear down process, as well as setting up my hang point.

have ran into the same issues described by both InfiniteSquirrel, and Tata in this thread ( SP140 first flight experience - Light weight pilot ).

So, what is the latest solution to the hang point adjustment? Here is what my hang check looked like with the hang points set up as the unit was delivered.

Then after I adjusted it for proper hang angle, about 5-15 degrees, the ring is about here, 2 inches down from the bend radius of the swingarm. I read some concern about the rings slipping from that location. Is that the only danger trying to fly it this way? If so could I just add an extra collar or two to prevent slipping?

What do you guys recommend? @Pdwhite said he had plans to make some shorter bars with a different bend point for us lighter pilots? Are those ready or should I try some other fixes in the meanwhile?