Spacers and Positive Terminal Cover SP140

While I wait for a resolution from @Pdwhite for better CG. I’ve started on the recommended fixes and ‘upgrades’.

  1. Original spacer is ~ 22mm W x 53mm H with an internal diameter hole of ~8mm
    New spacer is 22mm W x 38mm H with a hole of 6mm (gives the bolt a tighter fit)

I’m using PETG 100% infill ‘carbon fiber’ filament
I estimate about 5mm of spacing between the bolts of the motor and the ESC after reducing it by 15mm

  1. I’m going to try a simple cover that will attach to one of the spacers.

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Nice work, but carbon is a great conductor.
It is better if your carbon parts are not in contact with electricity.

Thanks, it’s PETG I don’t think there’s actually any in there, but I’ll double check.
EDIT: just ran ~24V @5 amps through a test print. Doesn’t trigger a short circuit on the power supply, so I’m good.
Thanks for the warning!

I think you need to be a bit cautious here - the battery has up to ~96v on it and if there is any conductivity in your material, this might not let much currnent through at 24v, but at 96v might be enough to heat/melt the material with a catastrophic breakdown… if it is pure PETG there should be no problems as it is a good insulator, but if there is a carbon fibre load in it you might be in trouble… :slight_smile:

Hopefully you were not seeing 5 amps through your material at 24V. That would indicate conductivity!

No. that is what the power supply is set to. if there’s a short, it would show a red light and drop down to 0.

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I’m sure it’s fine, but just in case I’ll reprint just in black PETG.

Sorry if that was pedantic. I do think clarity counts for a lot in these types of discussions where one does not have the benefit of ‘non verbal’ part of the communication (although… technically it’s all non-verbal…)
Error on the side of caution is prudent. This is aviation after all. Not being sure might make for a very bad day indeed.