Order fulfillment sp140 ? When?

That is great, thanks!

Sounds good! Please give us an update, if you see the parts coming.

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Yes! Congrats. Do you have an estimated turn around time for shipping? Couple weeks?

Once the parts get in i expect it to take about 90 hours to assemble and ship out so probly around 10 solid days of work to get it out.

That’ll be an intense 10 days! Good luck. I’m sure you’ll be happy to have them out there. Maybe not as excited as I am to get it though…

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Paul and Zach,

 Thanks very much for the delivery update.  

Appreciate all your hard work and determination to get to this point.
You guys are amazing!


Container with the remaining parts needed came in today. Looked though all parts and the critical parts and preliminary testing looks good.

So that’s a big relief and good news. Tomorrow i will be building the first one off the line to help establish the most efficient way build them out at scale.

We will probably do a little vid of the first one built tomorrow so you can see it in its final production state. Stay tuned!


Awesome. Can’t wait to see that even though I’m not a recipient of an xp140.
Sure enjoying my X4

WOOHOO!! Please do share any pictures or video, I know many of us would be unbelievably stoked to see it