Order fulfillment sp140 ? When?

Has there been any announcements about how long or when sp140 orders will begin to ship to those who have paid ?

my order said september…no specific dates though.

end of Sept. I would say sometime in Oct.

Any updates on status of sp140 orders ?

I’m losing interest

Right now the current timeframe for shipments is looking like the end November. If you have an order in and want a refund because of the production delay, just shoot me an email and ill give you a full refund.

Ill let you guys know when i have a more concrete date. The delay was because they battery case mold, the injection mold company produced wasn’t able to replace the abs cases reliably and they couldn’t pull good case from it. The good new is because they said they could do the first design and they weren’t able to, they are eating the $6000 to cut another 5200lbs mold.

For those interested this is what the fist design looked like

And the new design that is easier to pull from the mold looks like this

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The explanation is very detailed and appreciated, but I’d think you’d get this information out to your customers more immediately–without waiting to be asked. :woman_shrugging:

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Anyone who is wondering about lead time I’ll give them as much info as i can, so if anyone is wondering shoot me an email and I let you know. I could be more proactive though and send out email blasted every month or so, you’re right. We will start doing that.