Order fulfillment sp140 ? When?

Please send emails to info@openppg.com, there i answer all emails and now are currently not answered.

@Pdwhite, have sent you a couple of emails on the address you pointed out, can you please send us an update. In fact I am pretty sure most people with orders are looking forward to more info so instead of responding to individual emails it might be faster for you to just post an update in this thread.

Up to you but please do send one, we are all very excited to hear how the builds are progressing. Personally, even if there are additional delays, I wouldn’t mind waiting as long as we have some visibility on the progress made.

Thank you!


I second the motion.
Silence is not golden :slight_smile:
We are all dying of curiosity.


I’m in favour and vote for this motion.

Hear! Hear!

…But when silence is golden, Duck tape is silver.

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Same here, my email from 21.09.20 is still unanswered. Please give us updates in this thread.

Same here would be nice to hear about a update,…
Ian not emailing anymore, but if you spend much money on someone you not really know, if he’s not answering it feels a little bit like roulette,…

Please let the people know about the process, if there are not good News, it’s better to hear bad news than nothing…


Don’t care if delayed, Care about being updated, and making sure you’re not rushing. I’d rather have a good product 6 months late, than a bad product with bad QC.

Any update is a good update.

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Thanks Paul for the update. Do you have any news on how this new battery will impact the weight of the unit? Based on my quick math, it should be around 5.5 pounds heavier.

@Bob27, can you please share how you calculated the additional weight? I really hope it won’t be 5.5 lb heavier!

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As it has been discussed in previous threads, you can calculate the old 18650 battery pack to have roughly 33 pounds of cells based on the difference in weight between the 2.2 kw and 4kw models. I am 75% sure that the sp140 uses molicel p42a cells and my p42a cells have all weighed in at nearly exactly 66 grams. We also know that the sp140 battery is a 24s11p configuration so it has 264 cells.

264cells x 66grams / 453 (gram to pound conversion)= 38.46 pounds.

So just the cells in this battery will possibly weigh more than the original 38 pound 18650 battery with the case, bms, cells, nickel strips, cell holders, and everything else. I hope they find a way to not make it 5.5lb heavier, but if you also take into account the bigger motor and esc they they have also gone to sense we had a weight update, I have my doubts that it will only be 5.5 pounds heavier.

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Really excited about the SP140 I think it is a PPG that can have a lifetime much higher than that of 2-cycle engines - not mention maintenance headaches. Just that battery life is “short”, but there are so many new advances on the horizon I hope the “future proof” design can account for the new batteries such as Tesla’s 4860. Obviously it might be a few years before anyone can get their hands on those batteries since Tesla will be using them pretty much exclusively in their own vehicles due to demand and initial limited production.


Ok, so today is the 21st of December. According to the last update the cases should have been successfully pulled from the molds and be at the battery manufacturer. Are we on schedule for January shipment?


Yes the case has been pulled

They were sent to the battery assembly factory and have been assembled and one is being sent to me to make sure all looks good with the case and the battery construction. The sample should get in in about 5 days.

Once all looks good they will start assembly on all the packs. And then they can get them in the container and sent to the US for final assembly


@Pdwhite, did you get the battery? All good?

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Yes case is good and tested. The battery’s are getting assembled for all the orders currently.


Are we going to make the Jan 15 ship date or will these go out later? I plan to be on the road beginning Feb 4th so if it will slip I would like to know so I can have my neighbor receive the package. Thanks.

Sent an email to info@openppg.com on Dec 15th. Hoping you can get to it before you start shipping… again timely support is key to those who give you this much $$$. Makes me worry a lot for post support if this fails at any point. unfortunately my confidence is wavering and wondering if this is a second/backup unit. Anyway, just expressing my thoughts right now.

Maybe this will give some of you waiting on the SP-140 some peace of mind.
I ordered a V-3 X-4 factory assembled unit in July 2018 and received it end January 2019, and it has worked flawless since I received it!
I too, would worry and text looking for answers on
Am I going to get what I paid for?
Maybe received a personal answer one time in 5 months!
My buddy Rob Cato ordered a V-2 Kit and his took some time to receive.
I used Robs experience to quell my fears, anger and frustration and keep me calm and cool.
Pauls communication is not the norm in the business world that we are accustomed to!
I fully believe that all of you will receive your SP 140’s (soon) and that they will be well worth the wait!!