Order fulfillment sp140 ? When?

Please send emails to info@openppg.com, there i answer all emails and now are currently not answered.

@Pdwhite, have sent you a couple of emails on the address you pointed out, can you please send us an update. In fact I am pretty sure most people with orders are looking forward to more info so instead of responding to individual emails it might be faster for you to just post an update in this thread.

Up to you but please do send one, we are all very excited to hear how the builds are progressing. Personally, even if there are additional delays, I wouldn’t mind waiting as long as we have some visibility on the progress made.

Thank you!


I second the motion.
Silence is not golden :slight_smile:
We are all dying of curiosity.


I’m in favour and vote for this motion.

Hear! Hear!

…But when silence is golden, Duck tape is silver.

Same here, my email from 21.09.20 is still unanswered. Please give us updates in this thread.

Same here would be nice to hear about a update,…
Ian not emailing anymore, but if you spend much money on someone you not really know, if he’s not answering it feels a little bit like roulette,…

Please let the people know about the process, if there are not good News, it’s better to hear bad news than nothing…


Don’t care if delayed, Care about being updated, and making sure you’re not rushing. I’d rather have a good product 6 months late, than a bad product with bad QC.

Any update is a good update.

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