Certification oh Canada eh?

There is also no requirement to have a logbook for an ultralight/paramotor in canada so there is no way for TC to know how many hours you’ve flown on type.

Honor system!
Cheers, Patrick

Here’s my statement of construction. Statement of Construction.pdf (422.3 KB)

And it’s fully registered as C-ILLC, so I know it all worked. Hope this is helpful for you guys.

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Appreciate you sharing this file!

Thx for sharing.
I wonder if I meet you at the 2018 UPAC gathering at Lubitz’s?
Cheers, Patrick

I popped into the UPAC event for a few hours, so probably yeah. Didn’t fly my openppg rig, as it wasn’t ready yet, but showed it off

I would have remembered that, but did not see it

PPG Pilot openly defies Canadian regulations for PPG certification
Jean Gauthier

From what I hearing and seeing - there are many PPG’ers that in Canada that got some training but never tried or did not bother to finished getting fully certified.

One of the of the things I take away from this is TC wants safe flying with people getting trained so that they understand regulations in “controlled air spaces” - but they wont enforce licensing fines, well at all!, maybe unless you try to fly in a major controlled space like Pearson International.

Things like drones are getting alot of attention and more regulations additions by TC do to the hazard they pose for flying in such hot zones! PPG’s, we are for the most part all flying from country fields or Joe’s grass airport which TC does not care about.

So , get some good uncertified training to be safe, register your motor, get your insurance and dont worry about licensing.


What about Insurance E-Pusher? COPA or EAA or ? Who provides the 3rd party in Canada for PPG’s

I go through COPA/ Magnes

Thank you. I’ve filled out the EAA online form for a quote. “Someone will be contacting me shortly”
I’ll e-mail Denise.

What was the e-mail address you sent everything too? I can only find mailing addresses for regional TC offices. How did you submit the fee? Also by e-mail?

Time to register my X4 Batch 4. A friend reported that their wife overheard some busybodies wondering aloud if ‘those people’ flying a paraglider have permission / insurance. :slight_smile: Funny how they never wonder if a person is qualified or capable. Just if they’re allowed.

Thanks! I’m starting my process for registering the SP140 :slight_smile:

  • Medical 4 finished.
  • ULTRA Exam / training (In Progress)
  • Insurance (getting quotes)
  • Register SP140 (Started)
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I went with this

Marsh has pretty good insurance too if you don’t want to go through COPA.


I’m now registered as C-ILXQ
One additional thing they did require was a minimum useful load calculation:

1/2 Motor power in HP + 175. I put 182.5lbs
For motor power I used the Voltage and amperage on the readout under full initial climb. With my 6s cells I get 42Volts at 240amps which is just under 10kw. That converts to about 14.5hp.

This number has to be less than the actual useful load:
MTOW - Empty weight.
I put the empty weight as sans batteries to keep the actual useful load higher. I’d used my wing’s max load for MTOW which is only 105kg or 231lbs.

If you’re registering in Canada keep this calculation in mind. I’m thinking the MTOW could be much higher with a different wing.

Ha. I see I made a mistake on the form. Guessing they don’t actually scrutinize these things but it might jump out of the file for the aircraft if there is an investigation. :blush:

I didn’t have to do any of that when I registered. Just filled in the application for registration and a statement of construction. But I guess they are more busy in the spring and care less about paramotors at that time. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on this, now you are all official.

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So it looks like there are now 4 X4’s registered and a single SP140…

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Pre-registered the SP140 since you can’t legally fly without first registering it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm maybe because I had the AUW so low. Anyway got it. :slightly_smiling_face:
Now wondering where to put the “aircraft marks”.