Certification oh Canada eh?


Anyone else in here Canadian? Since PPGs need to be certified in Canada this might be an extra process simply registering as an amateur built aircraft or a full roadblock.


So I’ve spoken to Transport Canada about this - sounds like it should be really easy. Essentially you need to register it as a self-built Basic Ultralight. It meets all the restrictions of the Basic Ultralight category.

Short answer from them, is you make up all the paperwork yourself. And basically you can do it now:

  • Make a 1 pager “statement of construction from plans or raw materials” – of your own format. Just says “I designed and built this” Maybe give rough specs - can point to openppg.com
  • Fill out a 26-0521
  • Do your best to fill out the boxes that don’t really apply – stipulate one wing configuration for example 22m2 or whatever your wing us
  • Aircraft is subject of – “other”: self-build or similar
  • Stall speed – use your wing, etc
  • Make up your own Aeroplane ID plate similar to this and send a photo. Exclude bits that don’t apply.
  • Pay $110

They will then send you a registration # - like C-Gxxx or similar.


Wow. Thank you! I was sorta expecting to have to talk to them. Great info. :smile:
Now to learn how to para motor!


Thanks for getting the info, glad to hear it’s pretty simple!

If you or anyone ends up applying do you mind sharing the mostly completed paperwork?
We’d love to make it as easy as possible for our friends up north to apply and fly.

Ideally we can put together a template with some instructions.
Let me know we can help.


Yup I will totally provide all the paperwork templates. From what they said, I don’t even have to have built the system to register it - just need the ID plate photo. I think that’s the bit that will be the biggest pain - finding a fireproof ID plate :slight_smile:


Thats about it – PPG do not need airworthiness certified - just registered
Not sure about the registration before the build though - my impression when I registered my motor last year was that that they wanted picture of the motor then a close up of the plate on it.
Send them a capture of one of Paul’s and then a close up of the plate on something that looks like that spot on the motor

The plate can be hand done with stamps

or electric hand engraver

then a couple holes and rivet it in

An instructor will not teach you if unit is not registered if they are going by the book…

Cheers, Patrick