Batch 2 Progress and Batch 3 Order date


Hello @Pdwhite,
since may is here now, any update as to the progress of Batch 2? Is there an expected shipping date already?

When do you think will it be possible ordering from batch 3 ?


I’m not going to open up ordering for batch 3 until batch 2 is shipped out and delivered to every one. As far as batch 2 shipping goes most everything is ready just waiting on a few things like the out side tubing which is as expected going to be one of the last thing to be delivered. So the best estimate for the factory to finish production for those will 22 days at the absolute latest but most likely will be ready before then. Now I could send out 90% of the components to you guys so you could start building, it would just cost more for shipping.


Not bad, are you expecting a huge interest for the next round as well? I’m between a move so I can’t order until the beginning of June-ish… Hoping round 3 will be open, if so I’m in!


These look terrific.

Were the backplates cut with the correct file? See this thread:


yes all the files are correct when cut, maybe they have an older version let me check


Also to give an update on the controller and PCB.
We made some changes to make the batteries easier to measure and standardized the design to mount directly to the frame.
If final testing goes well this will eliminate the need to have a separate BEC to handle powering the controller (and LEDs etc.) as well as handle up to 14S batteries (60V) for easy voltage measurement.

Obviously we still plan to have a full blown BMS soon but this will serve as a safe and easy way to get flying without holding up production.


Love seeing this photo. Everyone around here is holding there breath to see the final machine in action!


Paul, just some clarification on the shipping of batch 2. If I understand your previous post correctly, you stated everything is ready except the cage hoop sections. Are you saying the cage hoop sections are still 22 days away from having those ready for delivery for batch 2? That would make batch 2 deliveries around the third week of May. Did I misinterpret what was posted? Just wanting to know so I can plan on delivery date. Thanks. Bill


Yep you got it, around the 3rd week in May.


Maybe since the hoops are the most lagging on the process you should have a preorder siting as stock. Even if you say have 10 hoops ordered for batch 3 now - and you only get 8 orders, that cant hurt that much could it - then you only do a preorder of 8 for next round.
But if you dont have the funds to handle the process that way then that is fine - that is just life.
Cheers, Patrick


Yep I ordered extra for the next batch, plus they have certain minimum order quantitys anyway.


Good morning @Pdwhite! Can we get an update on Batch 2?


Tubing is shipping tomorrow, with any luck its doesn’t get held up in customs lol.


Happy Monday everyone! @Pdwhite - Can we get a quick update on status? Thank you kindly!


im standing by to either go with a nitro 200 or a openppg electric kit… very difficult decision


eventually ill have both but in the meantime i need somthing to fly ahhhhh!


Ya both haha, Tubing looks like it will be in Friday and CNC parts keep getting held up and will be in next Wednesday so looks like that will be the last thing in lol.


I also had to make a small change to the PCB mounting but they are getting cranked out as we speak. The voltage regulation and dividing works great in the samples I received. It makes it nice and simple to read the battery voltage.


How long do you think it will take to ship out the fully built, pre-assembled units (after receiving all components)?


I think I will be able to get them all done within a week.