Any plans for a wiki?

There are a lot of people bringing up the same information- batteries, flight time, how to build yourself. It would be great to have a knowledge-base of a lot of these common chains. Perhaps we should consider a wiki or other way of clearly communicating many of these topics- especially since a lot of this directly impacts pilot safety.

We could:

or some combination of the above.

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I really like this site’s clean, simple aesthetic and I don’t want to disrupt that which is why the Confluence page appeals to me. Does anyone have other suggestions for how we can keep this site clean and the material easy to understand?

We’re starting to put together a wiki as we pull the github together.


Thanks, keep us informed and let some of us know when we can start contributing.

I like the wiki idea, too. Tons of good info, but it is spread out.

Any progress on the wiki front? I think that would be very useful. I keep digging through old threads for info, collecting it in one spot would help a bunch.

Can I put my vote in for a wiki – please! Pretty please!!

This forum has great snippets of information, but scattered and disjointed.

It has taken me many evening of trawling through people’s comments to find out even the most basic information of what this system is.

There is no single description of what the system is, its basic specification or any sort of datasheet.

The forum is great for collecting people’s comments, but as the forums grow, the useful information is diluted and becomes difficult to find again and refer to.

We desperately need a Wiki.

I am about to collate all the useful information for my own purposes, but this would be so much better done as a collaborative effort.

I feel I could kick things off with a table of contents and the basics. But whoever is the webmaster needs to make a wiki available on this site for others to fill in.

So how about it OpenPPG, how about getting the documentation in order and installing a wiki on this site??

Any one else who thinks this would be a great idea, would be prepared to contribute or anyone who has already consolidated usefull infromation into a single document, please comment below.

Did you start your search with the forum or the website? How did you even find out about the forum? The basic information is on the website. The forum is for owners and future owners to discuss ideas and a link to the forum is on the website.

Hi Paul,

Of course I have read that page. I would call that a ‘marketing flyer’, it’s not a specification or a data sheet.

This project needs a depository of technical information – a Wiki. I have spent many evenings now pouring over the forum extracting snippets of information. The next thing I am inclined to do is pull the relevant data together into a single document. If I do that as a WiKi then others could contribute in the future.

You do agree that a Wiki for this project is a good idea/essential don’t you?

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Have you seen OpenPPG Open Guide ?
I’d like to keep it in the forum and that page can be edited by anyone with an account. It looks like it was last touched 9 days ago actually.
If you think a topic needs broken out I can create similar type pages specific info.