OpenPPG Open Source Manual

Hi everybody,

Since @Pdwhite is super busy assembling kits for batch 3 (mine included!), I figured we can give him a bit of help getting the official manual started – something that this community badly needs.

I created a Google Doc here that everyone can add to and edit.

This manual is for v3.1 since it will be mostly written by current batch 1 and 2 owners. Paul can use this as a starting point for v3.2 (which I believe is identical to v3.1 other than the controller)


Great idea, Dpack! This was greatly needed. Perhaps videos can be added too later? Thanks for getting this going, it’s a good start. Bill

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Yeah, videos are ideal. But I figured that the manual is easier to create. If any videos out there already exist we can add the links into the manual to keep it organized in one place.

Love the idea of a community driven manual! Thanks for starting it.
The team will try to contribute as we have time but like you said we are mostly wrapped up in manufacturing.

Depending on how it goes I may also create a wiki section of the forum here since there is already support for that and it may make it easier for people to find.

Im excited to see how this grows to be a great resource

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Hi there,

I am new to this community and I am excited by the project. Maybe one way for me to come back into this sport. I gave up a couple of years ago because of the hassle of the gaz engine, as I prefer the freedom of paragliding. But I kind of miss the additional push we can get from a motor, especially when I am in an area where you can’t fly a regular paraglider.

Anyway, I already spend a few hours reading articles and watching video, so I figure out that I may contribute by adding a few words to this document.


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Awesome! Please do contribute as much as you like!!

The wiki format is probably better than Google docs… I just created this to get things started

A paper form manual is a good idea, but well made videos are as good if not better - a good picture is worth a thousand words. We could have both. I do quite a bit of video editing, and could help by making progressive series, each touching a specific topic. You could Dropbox me or use Google to send me your footage and I would do the edit - it does not need to be super fancy but clean enough for anyone to understand. We would first need a list of topics touching each part of the assembly procedure and then perhaps have a section for all the fixes we have made so far along the way and future ones.
We could have a special OpenPPG YouTube channel. Your vids to me - I would edit them and upload them on YouTube. We would have to agree on a video format, a way to transfer the footage, and a photo format if we have slide shows for the manual. Just a thought.
I am a Batch#2 pilot.


Sure things :wink: thanks!

Where’s the wiki page link?

Hi Voltair,

I’ve seen this video of yours before and it’s really nice and inspiring!

But I believe video and paper are complimentary.

For instance, technical specs for motors, battery, connections as well as wiring diagram for instance, are really useful when provided in a written docs.

Paper tells you what and video is good for showing how :wink:

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This is what I wrote if you read it again;-)

@zjwhitehead whitehead will need to set it up

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Some people like to read and some people like to watch :smiley: I kinda switch back and forth myself.

I have some experience writing and editing technical instructions (software). I’m going to go through @Pdwhite 's video and write up what I can. His video is quite good. Started with the parts, tools, and materials lists and will proceed into the assembly as I get time here.
Note: Parts list is numbered so it can be keyed to an exploded view/drawings with parts numbered. The other lists I used check boxes in case someone wants to print this on papyrus or whatever and mark off the items. :slight_smile: