Wm's OpenPPG Batch 3 Build Log Photo Album

I love my Dudek harness with built in under seat reserve canister:

Paul, nice arrangement! Too bad Apco didn’t offer the same layout. With the split leg reserve, I can pull the zipper and just stuff it into the seat area when I fold it up. Also, it only weighs about 2.2lbs. I already had a Square Ozone Angel for my Tornado that I might have used on both, but I keep the gas unit at home in Mississippi. Bill

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Yeah I thought that all dudek harnesses would have the reserve pouch on the bottom but mine did not. I had to get the side reserve pouch. Under my seat is a forward opening pocket. Was the under the seat reserve an option? I didn’t get this option from the dealer here If it was.

It’s an option on the Dudek website and therefore the dealer was able to order that version. The dealers website didn’t show it as an option so I had to ask for it.

Dang okay thanks Paul.

I really like the battery plate that Rob Catto (SimLoop) printed for his build. It makes getting ready to fly much quicker. (Paul Butler’s rail system certainly does this too…great design!) I also like Phil’s (Voltair) quick release system…so, combining these two ideas, I had a 3mm CF plate cut to act as a “battery plate”. Plastic Spider ( great3d.com ) took my file and had it to me in about three or four days…very fast. I put a round (top position) and a triangular (bottom position) key on the back of the plate just to let me know when I lift the assembly into the proper position…and also to hold it a bit while I strap it down to the back. I installed 4 round spacers just to lift the plate above the bolt heads on the back of the OpenPPG. ( They are 2 or 3mm shorter than the “keys”. ) At the present I’m using a quick release buckle at the top that I can reach while strapped in the OpenPPG. The whole plate assembly with batteries fits nicely into my battery bag. Here are a few pictures:

It is a work in progress, but it does what I want. The 1" buckle is very strong, but I may swap it our for a 1.5" to match the Velcro. My stitching is not the best (had to learn to use a Speedy Stitcher), but I have been unable to tear a joint apart.
For a few additional photographs, go to the album link at the top of this thread.


I put the batteries between 2 carbon fiber plates - in the case the frame drops backwards
the lipo’s should be better protected hopefully…


Looking good! It makes a nice modular pack. I love the green leaf!

My primary goal was to build a battery release system … in the event of a fire…you just never know! Part of the design was to maintain some air flow around the batteries. It gets REALLY hot here. My secondary goal was to make “setup” quicker…not having to mount individual batteries. Trying to keep it simple.

Keep up the good work!

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Two photos of my updated battery pack “quick mount/release setup”.


I made this OpenPPG flight on 10-24-19 between Pensacola Beach and Navarre. My new battery Mount/Release system made “setup” much quicker and easier. It was a mostly overcast day, but parawaiting paid off and I found a nice window for a flight.

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I took Paul Butler’s (GliderPilot) advice and stiffened my throttle cable. I used 1/8" and 1/4" split braided wire loom and 1/8" black tubing from NAPA (the tubing that is used in the automotive industry to go to pressure gauges). It is very tough and is a nice substitute for a flexible nylon rod. I put the tubing and throttle cable inside the 1/8" split loom and then put that inside the 1/4" split loom. The look and feel of this mod is very similar to the throttle cable on my Tornado. I really like it. In the bottom of the throttle body (see picture) I drilled a hole a bit smaller than the tubing and melted the end once it was clamped tightly.


Lorran Michaels of FourWindsPPG.com flying my OpenPPG build. I had a great week flying with Lorran and Shannon. They are SUPER people, SUPER instructors…a great place to learn “inland” flying!


What a playground!:smiley:

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I came down to Central Florida for “inland” flying because Lorran and Shannon are the best…but you are correct…their playground is outstanding! It has been hard work…but such a nice place to fly! Great experience!

Question for you. Why did you go for the Mayday square vs the LT? I see both, I’m on the light side (160 LBs soaking wet with chance in my pockets), and am trying to decide.

The Mayday Square weighs 1.01kg. I am within the tested weight range, so, it is what I bought. I have an Ozone Angel Square 140 on my Tornado, but the Tornado is heavier with a tank of fuel. The Angel weighs 1.77kg. I guess to answer your question, the Mayday Square has been around a while…and is already very light.

“Parawaiting” paid off again. I got to “feed the disease!” Here is a flight that I made at our Pensacola Beach LZ on 01-08-20. The batteries weren’t full, but at least I had an opportunity to get into the air…between bad weather and on a relatively warm evening. It was a nice flight for January.


Here are a couple of recent build adjustments.

I adjusted the Cobra buckle position for the battery mounting strap.

The sand and bits of shells at the beach are pretty tough on the two lower props, so, I added 1" X 9" strips of 3M protection film to all of the props. I have been lightly sanding them with with 400 grit and applying a couple of light coats of oil based urethane, but I wanted to see if the 3M film would work better. Hopefully, the balance will be close.


Here is one of my recent flights on an overcast day at our Pensacola LZ. I like my 4X more each time I fly it!

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I wanted to report back on the 3M protection film that I added to each of the props. I have flown the unit several times since the addition, and the props are still in great condition…especially the lower two…they were the ones that were getting chewed up so bad. As far as the balance goes, I can’t tell that the tape changed anything. Give it a try if you are have an abrasion problem.