Wm's OpenPPG Batch 3 Build Log Photo Album


I appreciate everyone’s posts and participation…especially the photographs. Here is a link to my build (in photos) that includes mods from several of y’all. Many thanks for your ideas. This is a work in progress, and I will make updates to the build and post additional images from time to time. Thanks to all participants in this project… especially to the creators, Paul and Zach!


That’s a nice looking build! Well done. Let us know how it flies!

Clean looking build, looks nice. We are looking to improve the ease of building and usability, so if you could list out your top three things you would change about the design. Thanks again.

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I should have put this here rather than the Google Photo site:
Nice build/pics. Really appreciate you taking the time to shoot and post the pics. Did you drill for the cotter pin? What material did you use to isolate the standoff connections from the carbon fiber? Rus.
Already have the answer to the first question – it is a mod on all new kits. Thanks!

I think you are asking what material did I use to isolate the four main electrical connections. I used Solutech PLA…been buying it off of Amazon. I would have used Solutech PETG but did not have the right colors. The halves are about 3mm thick and are flat on the bottoms to better allow for mounting to the carbon fiber. I used industrial adhesive Velcro (stiff hooks on both halves) to mount one half of the insulator to the CF. It does a good job holding them in place but still allows for position adjustment or easy replacement. I hope this helps.

Hi Bill, Yes, thank you for clarifying correctly what I was asking, and elaborating. You da’ man! Oh, nice place you’ve got, great view.
And a Fist Bump to Paul for making continual improvements to the design.
As an aside, I just selected a Snapper 21" single blade 82V 2A lawn mower via being a Home Depot Seeds Campaign member - i.e., I get it free and then write a review. Yes Paul, more volts is good! It comes with 2 - 2Ah Li-Ion batteries. Use one while the other is charging. Good for app. 40 minutes.

Don’t know if y’all will be interested, but…

I took the bag that my Coleman camping chair came in, folded it over and “liquid stiched” the outside edges together to creat a bag for my frame.

I found a padded Accu-Case for PAR F4 lights on Amazon that I bought for a battery bag. It has dividers that can be moved and used for extra padding. Also, it has enough height to allow me to store my charger. Great bag…I like it. The outside pockets are very handy for misc support items too.

love the chair bag idea

After traveling most of the month of March, I finally returned to the Panhandle of Florida and got to test my build near Pensacola Beach yesterday. My instructor, Robert Marozsan of https://flyhighparamotors.com , has been following my build closely and really wanted to take the first flight…so, I was happy to let him do it…besides, I flew his Nitro a good part of the afternoon. :wink: He is excited about the open source project too. Anyway, I posted a few pictures to the album above, and here is a short clip of the first flight…I feel like a proud father. Robert had a nice long flight and all was well!


Robert just posted this review to YouTube:

It was a fun day!


I was thinking of what could be done for this — great idea!!!
Will you share the file?

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yes please, I’d like that file as well - I am using rubber bands right now, but your idea for this square is great!

Actually - these are the stock hoop connectors – the holder my not fit the new hoop connector print that Paul (Gilderpilot) designed.


Nice videos! Thanks for sharing!

Here’s a quick tip to make setup a little smoother: After you fold the legs out, while the machine is still upside down, fold the bottom arms out and put the three bottom hoop segments in place. Not only is it easier to do while in this position but the gooseneck bars won’t be hanging in the way while folding the arms out.

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Thanks, Paul, it is a journey for me, and I haven’t nailed down my technique yet. I think you have the setup process figured out. I watched your setup video again this morning…it makes more sense. Thanks…your contributions have been great!

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Because I am unwilling to put in the time to learn AutoCad, I looked for an easy (dumbed down) program to help me create “simple” things for 3d printing. While listening to the old podcast, Know How, Father Robert Ballecer put me onto TinkerCad, tinkercad.com , a free online AutoDesk program. It is VERY easy…but not very technical…so, you have a real trade off…which was fine for my purpose. I love it.

I suggest that you create an account and give it a try. I’m going to order a new set of rev 2.0 arms when I break my first one, and print a version of Paul’s connector to get me by when the break happens.

Here is the .stl file for the spacer you asked for. It is my second revision. You have the new connectors (designed by Paul), but maybe some of the other members might want it. My slicer adds a couple of insignificant artifacts to it…but others slicers may not.

openppg arm spacer.stl (13.4 KB)


BTW: There are an infinite number of ways to design this. I’d like to see ideas of others too.

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Thx Bill - I will print it just to see how it fits.
I actually had an account with Tinkercad- was looking at it a while ago but never when any further with it.


Spacing is off, not a good fit for the new connectors – I would not recommend for someone to print these unless they are still using the ones like yours.

You have a photo of the issues and possibly what measurements are off. I could modify or design a new one for you. I plan on making one for batch 4 when I get it.

Bill- was nice meeting you when we landed! Your OpenPPG was awesome!

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