Who will get it first :)

UPS says my SP140 will be here Thursday…will I be the first or some of y’all closer :slight_smile:

I am so freaking excited!!!


You got a UPS number??? :open_mouth:

Yep…arrives Thursday… hopefully

Yes about 20 shipped out last 2 days


Post pictures…everyone likes opening boxes…especially SP140 boxes!! Excited for you!! I can’t wait either!! Bill


Wish I had more room to show them all in one spot. But heres some that got packed up today.


Have they all been shipped? I got a UPS tracking number but all it says at UPS is “label created” with no delivery date.

I got a date. Looks like next week for me.

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Hope I can squeeze into the round 1 batch.

:partying_face: Got mine on Wednesday afternoon, so incredibly excited to fly it.


Just got mine today… Will unbox tonight

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The race to make the first video has begun…


Dont get lost in the excitement and forget to turn the camera on🤣


Hey guys! Got my SP140 yesterday. Thanks to the SP140 team! So excited to get rollin finally.
One comment though…
I’m a maker and am used to putting things together on the fly.
I’m also a programmer that knows the important of order and checklists.
Has any doc or vid been put out yet to help the inhibited with this new tech?
I saw the comment about one of us making the first video, Bob27. Gotta work on that.
But a little something on using the speed control and preflight electronics check would be nice.
Zach or Paul…any comments ?

PS - I am near Daytona Beach, FL. Anyone else in FL ? Thanks.

Working on better instruction setup vids this week but here are some going over the basics


Thank you! I know there’s a lot going on. Appreciate your effort!

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Does anyone know if the Nitro 200 race frame V2 carrier will work with this motor? And if not does anyone know a carrier that would work?

Also is the next batch still supposed to ship in Jun? Or is there still crazy shipping delays?

You guys have really killed it with the SP140! I am in love lol.

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Right now its looking like about 2 months out. Id say depending on what the shipping conditions are this time (last time was horrid 3 months on some parts) If all goes well the July 15th best case and worst case end of Aug, though the worst case could be unlimited i guess, but that’s what i would say is the expected worst case.

You can always get a refund if there are those that cant wait, i would just not using a CC because the 3% fees are keep by the CC companies so that cant be refunded if you choose to be.


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I received the engine, and it’s all good so far. I have a question about mounting the arms on either side, looks like the 2 bolts are the only things supporting the weight of the engine (and its thrust)? what is their load bearing rating, and what sort of maintenance (regular checks?) will the need? How tight do they need to be tightened? I didn’t tighten all the way as the bars need to be moving (for weight shifting).

Here is my assembly vid: https://youtu.be/BZQT-GCHWrU.

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