Who will get it first :)

Yes the bolts are load baring rated, and they have a tensile strength of 170,000 psi. I tighten them up to the point where there is no movement right to left just up and down (just so they swing with a few lbs of pressure).

For a checkup, i would just look for wear on the bolt, look for any thinning of the bolt.


perfect, thanks. That’s about as tight as I figured it needs be

a couple of small hacks so far, one is empty toilet paper roll over the ratchet connection so it doesn’t hit the metal bar (I will probably secure it with the tape to the metal bar). The other is some transparent foil (from officemax) to prevent the battery from catching on the net when installing in/out (of course remove for flying)

Yes ! I received my SP140 yesterday !:grinning:
The battery is charging.

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Are these batch 1s that are currently being received?

Starting assembly of my SP140 this weekend. Your vid provides great insight into assembly process. Thank you very much for posting.

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Forts flight this morning : wonderful ! Stunning !
It’s like soaring with a PG, but you v’can go where you want !


Cats alwaysd hanging around PG and PPG stuff :laughing:

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The SP140 “Trike Kit” arrived yesterday. 14 days from payment to delivery in rural New Zealand! That’s stunningly fast. Well done chaps.


Where do you normally fly? Did my pg license at Kariotahi :slight_smile:

I don’t yet. I’m building an eppg trike to do so in Ruby Bay.

Beautiful! videos or it never happened. good luck!