Videos from the first 5 owners

I hope we get some video experiences shared in the forum from the first batch owners.

I want to see. Assembly, battery setups, flying, natural sound, some close up of construction. Their experience and thoughts. It’s early days so not expecting instant perfection.


I think @pdwhite will/should create a setup guide (video) and going over the paramotor :slight_smile:


@Totej, sure, @Pdwhite 's videos are awesome, but I am also with @Vince and agree, that I would love to see some first hand experience from the first 5 customers!

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That’s the plan, I’m really excited to make a bunch of flying videos here now that the winter weather is winding down (just got some flying in today, having not flown for about 4 months) Anyways flying videos coming soon.


I would love for the first 5 owners to identify themselves in this thread so we can all be properly jealous. They can ward off the ‘evil eye’ by promising us some videos like @Vince has suggested :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing more flying videos by @Pdwhite too!!!

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Just got some flying in today ( first time all year, waited to for the morning snow to melt) Anyway you guys wanted to see it in action some more so i recorded some clips and uploaded it, take a look Some random flying from today - YouTube


Thanks Paul, great to see.

What batteries were those ones exactly? Just the 2 Packs?
I ask as your original bonka link is dead.

How long do you get on the snake with that small setup?
(It’s not an efficient wing and smallish size won’t help either, I estimate 10 minutes on that)

@Vince this is the correct link:

Paul that is a awesome video! If it wasn’t that I just bought a new Maverick, I would have bought one of these right now! I will have to save up a bit and get one of these too.

Thanks for the videos. I get why you stayed low - it was cold and you wanted to get some footage. BUT… I’d love to see a vario log from a flight from a calm day where you go max power/max climb for a good 2-3 minutes. Curios about the climb rates.


these climb rates would not tell you anything, as this is heavily dependant on Paul’s weight, and the wing used as well as trimmer settings.

Easy to do then. Pdwhite already said he weighed 190 lbs. All we need then is to let us know the make/model/size of his wing and trimmer setting and actually make that video. We can then have a pretty good idea. Pdwhite, will you do that?

For the video I think you are referring to the wing I was using was the Dudek Snake 22 and I was half trims.