Trike Version of this EPPG?


So I know that they have 3(trike) and 4 wheel(quad) paramotors. I think it would be really cool to have a trike version where there’s 2 wheels put on the bottom stand. Then one new leg introduced to have a kart version of this super portable system. I know 2 - 5 people that would buy on of these electric trikes right now. What do you guys think?


I have a friend who flys trikes in NZ. I think a point here is he didn’t start with trikes, he had to switch to trikes because as he’s approaching his “60s (like me) he found the dead weight of a gas PPG too much to run with. The reason I took up powered hang gliding in preference to PPG is because my wife couldn’t carry the weight of a PPG and on FLPHG you only need to carry the weight of the glider, the motor trundles along as the back of the harness on a couple of wheeled legs. Now @Pdwhite et al has got the pack weight down to 10kg… Ten Kilos! So here’s the thing: My granny could carry that! Why do we need a trike?

Quick edit: on re-reading my post it could pose a question like “why are you flying FLPHG when it’s your wife that can’t carry a 30kg motor on her back? Does this bastard make her carry his kit”? No. Kaye is a pilot. She has a paragliding licence too, as well as hang glider, light sports aircraft and gyroplanes :sunglasses:


I am looking to build a trike now
Last year when trying to launch I struggled with the weight on my back. I could kite with a training harness very well but once that weight was on my back it through my balance off. It also exhausted me much faster then I had thought it would.

At 53 I am not in bad shape but not in great shape - but to put that motor on in a training scenario with the hot sun beating down on you - it sucks the life out of you fast. And I apologize to all the folks I criticized for looking tired after a couple failed launches.

Did not get in the air last year!!!

So a trike it is – 4 wheels is good for me. I will make a quad for my Kangook ICEr and mod it later for the new ebuild - or just sell it with the old motor and then build a new quad to match the new E-rig better.

Cheers, Patrick


Hi @E-pusher, don’t forget, a trike is heavier and will most likely require a larger launch site, than if you were just foot launching.

When I had PPG training, the instructor did with us a few hours of kiting on the ground with a freeflyer harness. Once we got the hang of it, we had to do the same again with the heavy paramotor.
I tell you, that was extremely exhausting.
But once you get the hang of it, you don’t have to carry the paramotor for very long:

Get your wing out and lay it out as usual, get the Paramotor on your back, attach the wing to the harness, and launch!

As soon as you start running, the wing will start to produce lift and, and pull up the motor, a few more steps and you’re taking off as well, hanging inside the harness before you lift your feet and get to sit in the harness.

Plus, this OpenPPG electric paramotor isn’t very heavy (unless you add tons of batteries to it).

Do some jogging, maybe some pushups, pull ups and situps every once in a while (twice a week) and you’re good to go! (also, you’ll feel better, too). :slight_smile:


Yes thx - aware of all, did all that in training last year
I can jog for an hour - I can do 40 push ups in one set - I can make love to my wife for… sorry that ones not a good example!:grin:
In a training harness I can run/control the wing across a field, I can stop do 180, turn again and run again - reverse launch and control, I control the wing with the training harness very well.
But once that motor is on my back I lose much of my balance and control. And I know smaller less physical people do this - cant explain it.

Our training area was not the best for students - not trying to make excuses but very restricted on two sides. Hangers on one and a crop field on other so if you had to take off in those directions due to wind it was very short launch path – and a trike will not help with that if more distance is needed - the other 2 directions all the run way you need, but we found the wind changing too much.
I think for students you need lots of room and not having to worry about what you are going to hit if your not doing something correct and cant take off which was a lot of times with our group of 3 last year. One guy got up once on his trike and he just cleared the crops.

Cheers, Patrick