Trike Version of this EPPG?

If you go with an enclosed trailer, a non-collapsible trike with 50 lb of batteries it is a very convenient way to go. Roll off to fly, roll on to transport and store. No rain worries. I believe that 4 x 6 trailer is the smallest one made but it might be a bit narrow for the wheels. A 5 x 7 might be the solution. One guy that I know trailers a heavy Fresh Breeze 33hp PPG trike to events and he sleeps in it.

A good reference site for building a trike.

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U-turnusa has a 26lb trike which could be useful for E-pusher. I’m just now considering the whole PPG thing and was struck by the electric version of OpenPPG. I think a carbon version of the U-turnusa trike would be a welcome addition, especially if it is carefully thought out and able to fold up such as the frame here. I think what’s missing on the “trike” approach is a tail dragger version. Two balloon tires bearing almost all the weight for the flyer/frame and a small but long trailing boom with a non-steering tailwheel. Seems to me takeoffs and landings are pretty much in a straight line from the videos I’ve watched. Just thinking…

Yes the takeoff is in a straight line but that line usually changes after the wing is above your head so it’s best to have a way to redirect your travel direction. If there was a swivel back wheel the trike would redirect itself once the wing was loaded but the problem would be before the wing was loaded which is right when it comes up and you aren’t moving fast yet.

I like your thinking but it’s best to actually experience the sport before trying to redesign something. A light carbon trike that folds would be awesome.

Actually, a swivel back wheel would cause it to spin around backwards now that I think about it more!

There is a trike out there that has a caster style front wheel which can be steered with your feet but also allowed to swivel to redirect itself. I think it’s made for the flattop.

You’re exactly right, I need to try the sport before proposing any redesign over what works now. At a young 66 but with prior back problems for 15 years (until cured), running takeoffs and landings with weight on my spine might throw my back into a tailspin. I think I should try a trike or quad to see if I really like the sport and then think about a folding trike design.

I like the whole concept of the "E"PPG a lot. A couple of years ago I was camping on the dry Alvord lake bed in SE Oregon and each morning I was swarmed by a bunch of PPG’s taking advantage of the pristine air. I really liked seeing them having a blast and swooping around but the flock of angry gassed bees got a little annoying at times. Had they been electric it would have been awesome.

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I would like to see how you installed the trundles. That sounds like a great idea.

I am new here and this is my first post. I was looking for information and videos on an electric powered paraglider trike. I thought this was the topic here but the link seems to be a video of a gasoline powered trike. What am I doing wrong?

Hi and welcome!
Most trikes dont really care what engine is generating the thrust which is why you may see from searching around a few people just use ones that are typically sold for gasoline motors.

Im not sure what the latest on it is but I know the guy over at Trikebuggy made a specific one to mount the SP140 to.


You also might want to contact Eric DuFour at

Eric has been flying trikes for many years, and the last time I was at his place in Florida, he had an SP140 on a trike. I think he would be a great resource for information.



But not all trikes will work, right?

Others in this thread have expressed concern that the frame might not be strong enough if only attached from underneath.

There are some lightweight trikes that only attach from the bottom.

Like this Blackhawk one:

Or the LiteFlyer Trike Plan one can get from eBay. That one, though, has an option to add some upright tubes if it is a lightweight frame.
Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 7.02.33 PM

Also, based on what others have posted here, it should have attachment points above the thrust vector, so it would need to have bars up at shoulder height like the Trike Buggy, right?