Tigertiki DIY Partly Scratchbuild

Hi, This is Attila from Romania, i plan to build this Open(e)ppg in the next couple of month. Since i have a CNC capability (600x900x200) will be able to cut and manufacure all the parts. I already find out where to order the Dudek harness, (420eur, delivered). Also found CF boards,( pretty expensive though 400x500x3 is about 80eur ?) I’d like to buy the control part, electrics from Zach and Paul (I don’t know if it is available out of the batch ordering period??). I have 8 6000mah lipo’s from a previous project, i might buy a second set. I downloaded some files from github, (stl succesfully) I work in Rhino5 and if i open the SLDPRT, i see nothing… And the STEP format is actually the codes, not the file, did not figured out how to download it… Measuring (using the STL file) it shows that the main plate CF is only 2 mm thick ? And approx 400x400 mm ? Any suggestions are welcome, looking forward for this project…

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I fly with 6 22000mah 6-cell lipos. 4 is the minimum I would recommend to keep a safe discharge rate. Your 8 batteries are barely more mah than 2 of mine assuming 4 will be in parallel that’s 24000mha while 2 bonkas in parallel is 22000mah. I fly with 44000 - 66000mah.

The capacity isn’t the only issue… multiple small batteries is a lot more wire than a few bigger batteries and that causes problems with induction current (voltage spikes due to wire length).

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Yes, i agree, but this is what i got right now already… Checked HOBBY KING, but no stock in the EU warehouse, I have to figure out where i can buy from(in EU) to avoid the customs hassle…Or from China maybe… I intend to use for soaring and starting from a hill, just some easy stuff…

Sometimes what you got isn’t always sufficient. If you ruin your batteries from discharging them too fast then you won’t have them anymore either. And if you ruin the ESCs because of voltage spikes then you won’t have them anymore either.

Also, you said you were considering getting another set… my advice is to not waste your money on another set of the same batteries but to get ones that will work best for the application.

Voltage spikes are worse at partial throttle so your idea of “taking it easy” will actually make the voltage spikes worse.


Thanks, sorry i meant a proper another set of 20-22kmah batteries. How long can you fly with your setup ? (i’m 82kg.) Can you confirm that the carbon fiber used is 2mm thick ?

I get about 28 minutes. The carbon for the arms is 3mm. The rest is 2mm

Today i started my build oficially by making the locks on CNC

Next, hinges and waiting for CF… Hoping for a reply from Paul about the electrics and Bonka’s

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Exciting first step. You should pattern after the batch 4 though which doesn’t use those locks. Exciting to CNC all your own parts.

Thanks…And where i can find it? I just started on github still figuring it out…I worked all yesterday on those locks. Lol.

Sorry to be the one to point that out about those locks. They will work ok… I’m just a bit biased towards the quick latch concept because it was an improvement that I can up with.

A more critical improvement with batch 4 is the tip of the arms. They have two small holes instead of one large hole making it much stronger. If that’s not what’s on github perhaps ask @Pdwhite to load batch 4 arm files. All other carbon and aluminum pieces should be the same as previous batches.

@GliderPilot Yes, it is with the big holes… Will edit .

I am working on the hinges and i made some. I cannot figure out from the files which holes are threaded so i assume in the arm hinge top there are 2x M4 threaded holes on the side and 1X 4mm dia hole…Eventually i will make them 3,5 so i could enlarge if it is necessary

This angular cuts not easy but i made a template and it works OK. 3 more to go …

One long bolt with a nut is used as a hinge pin so those holes aren’t threaded. The rest of the holes are used to attach them to the carbon and they are all threaded.

Thanks for the answer. They are all M4 ?

They are M3 except the hinge bolt might be M4

Today i managed to order 4 Bonka’s from Bonkapower. So i am going to source the CF. My question would what kind ? I am looking to these:

Any advice ? Thanks

Never mind, it seems there are too small so i decided to make my own carbon fiber from 200g gauge 15 layers and hopefully infused for 3 mm. I might buy the 2 mm thick one for the main plates

I am preparing to make the frame from DIY Carbon fiber. But as i realized that i need small special bits to cut it, so i ordered from banggood some. Meanwhile i will make some frame parts from aluminum to see how much it weighs and how strong might be. Some topic was started about aluminium frame but it seemed went nowhere('18)…

I made some arms out of 1.8 mm aluminum sheet and made also the parts holding them together also aluminium with 3mm dia screws. It seems pretty stiff and weighs 300g-s as it is. I think i will use this method for the arms and i make the backplate out of CF. ,


Hi, i need some help please. I started with the back plates ad found some different designs. What i figured the latest, both the front and back are the same ? As i found only one STEP file, on the stl files there is front and back.

stl back