Throttle controller dead - HELP!

Hi all,

Batch 3

I have not flown yet (hoped to tomorrow), but my throttle controller is unhappy.

It has worked in previous power tests, but the test tonight before the flight is a no-go.

It’s totally silent…

HOWEVER… I can see inside through the gap in the controller halves that there is a RED LED on in the controller, so I know it’s powered… but nothing else is happening. No display. No top LED.

I have dancing motors and repeating beeps that tell me the motors are ready to rock and roll…

Is there any documentation on batch 3, and how the electronics are supposed to work? (I received min pre-built).

How are kit builders building units??? I assume there must be some documentation somewhere, right?

Also, I see a button INSIDE the controller (which I have not pressed). Anyone know what that is for?

UPDATE: Problem solved! In case this will help anyone… when I opened the controller then reassembled it, I allowed the wiring harness to lay across the small internal pushbutton on the controller board. Actuating this button causes the controller to remain off (perhaps it is a reset button?) Anyway, once I routed the wires better, the issue is resolved!

That button on the inside of the controller is to reset the controller and for putting it into bootloader flashing mode etc. Pressing it would definitely cause an issue in normal use.
Glad you got it figured out!

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This is exactly what I have. Red LED on , no top LED, and display. I can hear the repeating beep from ESCs, and see the prop twitching. On the hub circuit the green light is flashing slowly. I remember it use to flash more rapidly when it was working. I don’t have a reset button on the controller board. Is this a controller issue or a hub firmware?