(Throttle-)Cable issues

I think the the throttle-cable needs some improvement.
for me, it has been getting caught a couple of times under the aluminum arm
and it has been damaged, probably ziptie-ing it to the aluminum arm caused the damaged.
See here:

As @HangsFromSky has reported as well in his thread

I also agree that the cable needs strain relief and it needs to be stiffened it bit, possibly with a thin nylon rod as @GliderPilot has done so.

I had to clean the throttle a bit, so when I took it apart I noticed that there was no strain relief.
So I tied a knot as follows:

I also tied a knot on the OpenPPG side and attached it with a ziptie to the carbon plate.

Still an issue might be that the cable could break right where it comes out of the 3D printed case.
Adding something like this would prevent this:



Zip tie to outside of gooseneck bar

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Can we make the remote wireless?

I agree it needs strain relieve where it comes out of the throttle handle. Perhaps the cable should connect to a solid connector at the bottom of the remote. I haven’t flown yet and just by moving the thing around I see it wearing at the base of the remote. I’ve put some extra heat shrink over the cable there now so hopefully that will help reduce the stress until there is a real solution.

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I remember that this was discussed before (over a year ago).
And I think the overall sentiment was that it would be one more thing to worry about in the preflight checks:

  • is the controller fully charged?

and then in flight:

  • will the controller maintain it’s (bluetooth-) connection to the main control unit?
  • will the battery last?

what happens when the connection, for whatever reason, is lost to the main control unit ?

… However I have thought about a wireless connection, again,
after I have had the (rather tiny) cable issues…
why not test it out?

however someone has to make that wireless connection first, I am not the right person for that.

I just witnessed a wireless self launch electric tow system and it worked extremely well, I feel like this would be the most ideal having it wireless. If wireless signal is lost would need to have it kill power I would think.

I didn’t like the thin throttle cable and put 1/4 inch sleeve on it like in Batch 2…
It worked out, but I would choose next time a bigger sleeve.

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