Throttle beeping consecutively and screen went dark

Hi all,

I was just about to take off this morning (with a full charge), and my throttle suddenly started beeping a lot, then the screen went dark. I unplugged the battery and back in and it seemed to be operating again okay, but I’m a little nervous to fly now until I figure out what this was.

Has anyone had this problem or any ideas what it could be?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Maybe the BMS timed out and turned off the power?

Hey Jon and welcome!

Part of my pre-flight checks is making sure all the connections are snug, that includes the cables connecting the controller to the ESC as well as the battery to the ESC.
The battery connector has a small pre-charge resistor that helps reduce arcing as the ESC draws lots of current at first to fill its capacitors.
It could be that the battery wasn’t fully plugged in and then you replugging it in made sure it was past that pre-charge resistor. Some good info on that in this thread - Connector arced, easy clean

If you do a ground run-up for ~10 secs and you’re getting good power etc. that should help your peace of mind.

Hi @zjwhitehead

Thanks for the reply.

I actually decided to try another attempt and fly and it did it again a second time… right before I was going to take off again! I definitely did a very thorough check and everything was plugged in.

This time around I kept the battery plugged in for 25 mins beforehand and ran the throttle about 50% several times before taking off. When it went blank I was not applying any power - both times it happened.

I have been speaking with Braedin and he is not sure what the issue is either. This morning I downloaded the ESC configurator and sent him all the data it says so maybe he’ll find some answers.

I have video of it, but I don’t think I can upload video on here. I’ll send it to you guys via email.

Thanks again,