Connector arced, easy clean

My SP140 connector arced on me as I was plugging it in for some reason. Probly cuz I was wiggling it to get it in all the way. A couple drops of flux from a flux pen and a q-tip and look at what came out just from one swab! It’s nice and clean now with no residue from the arc anymore. Thought I would share this helpful tip.

It’s not good to fly with any arc residue because it prohibits a good connection. If I’d have left this alone, and if it would’ve arced a few more times, that connector would probly get super hot or it would simply not make any connection.


mine seems to always arc, right from out of the box. I always get a pop when I connect.

I found I had burnt out the little resistor in the connector with some feeble plugging in - have a sniff of it - it’ll smell burnt if it has burnt out. I ended up replacing the connector as it always mad a “pop” when plugging in after the resistor burnt out.
The resistor should measure as 5 ohms I believe.

Theoretically…with the anti-spark connector you’d want to plug in about a 1/4 of the way, wait for the capacitors to charge, then finish plugging in 100%. If the resistor is burning out it might be better to have a dedicated pre-charger circuit.

Burning out the little resistor only happened from running the motor with the connector only plugged in the first part of the way - my own fault…!
With the anti-spark resistor intact, the input caps on the speed controller charge up very quickly (in a few mS) , so no pause needed in practice.