The E-Pusher Build(Batch3)

No big deal yet, I still dont have my OpenPPG kit but batteries now in.

They dont look like the pic of the site
They arrived faster then I thought, got tracking number on Aug 11, arrived today.
In US$ 125 per bat, 200 shipping(they asked for more after deal was agreed on), and 45 insurance – have not been hit buy duties yet but they always come.
Some minor dents in corner of 2 bats


Sad to see 10AWG on those too.

Awesome price! Hopefully they work well

Are you able to do some capacity tests on them? Very good price if they’re truly 22ah!

Have to get a charger still - was holding off until I get the rig

Charger now in but need to make some adapters – Deans to XT60
Or should I swap out the XT60’s on the batts right away with XT90S’s and save myself some time. Thats a plan!


My Stuff got delivered in a plastic bin – is that normal?

Just F’ing with everyone :rofl:

Picked up yesterday at the CBI location in Niagara falls NY - made it home to Ontario without the Govt screwing me over for money that they would just mismanage.
I transferred it at the CBI to the bin to make it look less conspicuous.

Just laid it out - still need to do inventory but for the most part(s), everything looks good.
Even all apart it looks and fees awesome

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These SOB’s are tight – oh well, need to print GP’s new design anyway

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Yeah I ended up sanding the stock ones, otherwise I felt I was going to break something with how much force it was taking. And GP’s redesign is awesome, they fit tight but no sanding for that connection was needed.

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My garage is way to cold now, -19C, for charging
I have some lipo fire bags on order but I also wanted a warm safe place to charge
The only place I could think of was my basement wasroom - mostly ceramic surround and a venting fan that can cycle the air in my house in 5mins, never gets humid in there when I have it on during a shower. I have it sitting on a 0.25" aluminum plate on a plastic shelf - as i am posting this i think I am going to move it to the floor!

What make and model is your charger?

I want to get another one but not till the price goes back down


My FU death picture!

I have been doing light duties(watching movies) for the past few days - went into emergency room on Thurs for a twisted bowel - they operated for an 1.5hrs that night. Surgeon said I was about an hr or so away from loosing 5ft of intestine! All I will remember from that night is the pain as I knelled before a chair in the emergency room begging them to give me drugs for the pain. The 3rd round of drugs finally kicked in really well, Could not even tell you what i was in for at that point, just wanted to sleep after hrs of agonizing. Got out Sun afternoon. Slowly getting back into the swing of things. Post opt Doc said I made a great recover considering the Surgeons notes. Some say I could have perforated the bowel and died from septic shock – at no point did I feel I was going to die! When the pain was there I wanted to be put out of my misery at points for sure - My wife said I would not been good at birthing a child. LOL! I agree.

I post this, not to garner sympathy, but to show how close to the edge we sometimes live just doing normal everyday sh!tt. I dont know what lies ahead but I do know I have no fear of going back up (only up once so far) and only regret not getting there sooner. Wish I had stuck with hanggliding 25yrs ago!! I am sure I would be doing both(PPG) today if I had.

Today I am cleaning up stuff – Got a big dinner party Sunday so moving the build downstairs with the 3D printer.

Hope to have some progress soon - but in no rush - I will get this built/static tested and then start working on my trike.


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Wow. Feel better!!!

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That’s scary glad to hear you are okay! Watch some paramotoring videos to lift your spirits.

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Get well soon and enjoy the build! Hopefully you get some airtime soon!

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The bottom/base hoop joiners I found the tolerances way out and does not leave and space for the upper spacer. spent an hour with the dremel and carbide tip doing layer after layer( not wanting to take too much at one time) - than got that to fit (one side) and found not enough space for the spacer – something for batch 4 upgrades/improvements

The top standoff isn’t needed since there is one on the bottom. Batch 4 improvements should include getting rid of unnecessary holes like those.

Are those the connectors that came with batch 3?