Target Release Date - March 29th


In the FAQ Section it says the target release date is march 29th. That’s today :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to push you guys, but an update whether you’re on track or not, or if there is a slight or even a major delay would be awesome
Nothing fancy, just a quick reply to this post?

Also, some of the threads from different people (@Pdwhite, @zjwhitehead, @gla.torg, @davek79 …) contain information such as "we are going to…"
So an update as to who is part of the team would be really great, the original information I had is that the team consists of Paul (@Pdwhite - creator of the videos and the whole new setup) and Glauco (@gla.torg - Revolt Concept from two years ago)


I like saying we because we are all parts of the community and we all can make improvements including you! We are still releasing today at 12pm EST and everything on track and on time.


On the shop page it says “out of stock” did you guys sell out already?


Here’s the link, I just wanted to say this looks gorgeous! Those detail photos are stunning. It’s clear to see that this is a major milestone for the future of paramotor aviation, and I can’t wait to see one in action!

I have a few initial questions & comments as I’m sure others do as well. I’m sure these questions will all be answered soon and many in the update video, I’m just excited for the release.

  • First and foremost how soon should we expect these to start shipping?
  • Where will the source files be posted? In the store page? Here on the forums?
  • How do the batteries mount on the back? This screencap is all I’ve seen so far.
  • How are the red cage connectors held in place? Are there pins we can’t see?



It says it has 165lbs thrust. I was just wondering which battery pack I need to achieve that thrust. I assume that’ll be when it’s fully charged?
What does it drop down to as the battery voltage drops when it’s discharging?


Bigger batteries make for longer flight times not more power. Just like in a car, a bigger gas tank doesn’t give you higher RPM’s. You are correct that the power will drop a little as the batteries get low because the voltage drops slightly. The smaller battery will have the same voltage as the larger battery but will be much lighter and run out quicker.


Awesome design!! I want one. Scheming now.


Battery packs have an ESR, and generally a smaller pack has a larger ESR, giving less resultant voltage at the inverter (or ESC). Therefore, the battery pack plays an important role in maximum power. The voltage from a Lipo cell goes from 3.0V to 4.2V from 0% to 100% charge, giving a 12S pack between 36V and 50.4V. On a 180kV motor, that would be from 6480 to 9072RPM no load maximum speed. The drop in thrust will be significant according to that!


According to my testing, there is not much of a thrust drop maybe 5%. Plus you should never be running your batteries down to 3.0V maybe 3.4V. Also the 4.2V value won’t be at 4.2 for but a second as the voltage discharge curve is not linear and drops down to your normal operating range very quickly and stays there for the vast majority of the flight.


Hope not… I clicked the link ~20 mins after the announcement and it was already “out of stock”?
Maybe the shopping cart broke because of too many sales, too fast hehe…
Either way, the “Buy Now” button is missing.


Sold out?! Awwwww…


Oh no
How many kits were there? Sold out in 20 minutes is pretty good!


We had 5 kits, we will be giving an update tomorrow for those who want to reserve there spot for batch 2 which will be ready in about a month. Ill keep you guys updated.


Hi Pdwhite, are these mostly assembled kits or “lots of assembly required” (i.e. bags of small parts) kits? Not that either way is a problem for me. I build racing quads from parts and also starting in PPG.


Whaaaaat Only 5 kits? :frowning:
Guess I’ll be waiting a bit longer then!

I also don’t see any information on what batteries, Charger you recommend and no options for harness?


I can’t believe there all sold out. I just got the email saying I could buy it. Pre-order List please… I will put money down…I love this concept. My flattop is too heavy:(:tired_face:


Hi Pdwhite,
OK, I can still wait another month, although I wish I did not have to. Anyway, please reserve a unit for me.


Being part of the community, I should offer to help instead of stomping my feet. Is there any benefit to the production process if I offered to cut parts on my CNC for the group? I don’t think I could help with the aluminum parts, but it looks like you cut the carbon parts out of a sheet. I have a nested based machine with a 5 x 10 table. I’m in MT so I don’t know if this is any benefit to the team production goal. Let me know if you want to talk about it. Thanks


Would it be possible to pay a premium and get a built kit in advance of the next batch say for 5k?


@Pdwhite, seriously, there were so many people excited and asking about this project, and then you only had 5 units planned?

You even mentioned somewhere “don’t worry, we’ll have enough available”

I don’t want to bitch around here, but why not allow people to make a deposit of a few hundred dollars to confirm their order - then you know exactly how many parts units you can have manufactured without any risk and also get a good idea of the actual demand.

I think this would be far better than to keep risk low and only order another 5 or 10 units to be available in only a month and then turn a lot of people down that are so positive about your project…

Just my 2 cents.