Status of SP140?

woo hoo! :heart: Just put my order in. Looks like there was some delay for when shipping for certain variants got fixed before the variant I selected.

I ordered the SP140 with:

  • Dudek Comfort S/M
  • Tri-blade prop
  • Standard battery

How about everyone else?

Bravo to @Pdwhite and @zjwhitehead! The new website looks great and has a lot of good information!


Ordered mine as well…same config… just Bi-prop…as it already has enough thrust apparently :slight_smile:
Now the waiting game begins to countdown to October ish…


Looks great! 69 pounds is a little on the high side for me. Quick question though, it says the lightweight battery would be 51 pounds and the normal battery would be 16 pounds heavier that would make it 67 pounds and not 69 pounds. Is 69 pounds a mistake?

I currently have a Nitro 200 and with the SP140 being closer to your back i wonder how much heavier it will feel? I got the Nitro because it was light weight so 69 pounds sounds scary to me :stuck_out_tongue:.

I think in the future it would be cool to have a 3kwh battery pack! it would be closer to 60 pounds and give around 45 minutes of flight time. This feels like a good sweet spot for me between weight and flight time.

Very excited to see the future of electric Paramotors!

Also, are you planning on making more videos of it? Would love to see more details.

Sweet! Yeah I figured I’d try the tri-blade… I’ve always been skeptical of tri-blades but I want to try to keep vibrations to a minimum in this setup. And I figure I can always artificially limit thrust on the software side.

Yeah, and October would be great, but I’d just be happy to have it around the holidays. :wink:

I’m excited… ready to order. I too am debating battery options though.
Wondering how flight time measured. Does it assume cruise power with at least one launch and a few climbs?
Also, curious if it is possible to get 2 smaller battery packs and swap them on the ground after 30 minutes (thus keeping weight down).

I am curious about the charger included. It says 2 hour charge time for a 4kWh battery.

You can safely (continuously) draw 12A from a standard 120V outlet (USA). That is 1.4kW.

So maybe a bit longer than 2 hours for a full charge, but close.

Would be cool if the charger had a 240V option, or could even connect to level 2 EVSE (electric car supply equipment) for public charging. The J1772 standard is pretty straight forward. Only minor hand shaking required to get power from those.

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I wonder what the voltage of the new battery pack is.

I wonder if we can still use our bonkas as additional batteries.

Yup thats the reason we offer the smaller option. Some may want to ride thermals etc and want the flexibility of a lighter weight battery. The batteries can be swapped in approximately 6 seconds :slight_smile:


It’s been mentioned before as a 24s (100v) system.

How long will the preorders be open?

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Great! Thank you for the quick reply. One follow up question… Can you do the same easy swap with a big 4kWh and a small 2kWh pack? In other words, have the option to mount the right battery for the kind of flying you intend to do that day?

Hi guys,
Regarding prop choice, will the 2-blade or 3-blade choice affect flight time? I know the 3-blade will be quieter and somewhat less efficient but enough to impact flight time?
I do realized there are a ton of other factors which will also play a role. It looks like from the photos posted the 3-blade was used quite a bit…
I appreciate all the time and energy you guys, @Pdwhite and @zjwhitehead, have put into this project. Amazing accomplishment. Thanks!

The tri blade isn’t any less efficient, it should be more efficient, that’s what e-props says at least. i haven’t notices and significant difference though but i want to get some more numbers though to really see.

Yes they both have the same outer case so they can be interchanged depending on what you’re feeling that day.

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I’m looking to build my own feather weight pack with my 18650 batteries I originally planned for the X4. I know you’re busy, but can you share more specs/pictures/details regarding battery/connectors, size, etc. I’d like to have the pack ready to go when it comes. If you have cases for sale where you can build your own, that’d be amazing.
specifically looking for:
Voltage: (24S?)
Nominal Amp Draw:
Max Amp Draw: 250amps?
Connector Type?
communication to controller?

Orders will be open for the week so no need to rush

Can we get some photos of the back of the unit with the standard battery installed? To me it looks like the photo that’s up on the product page does not have the battery attached, unless I’m missing it?

In my 2am daze, I placed my SP140 order with the two blade prop. I’d like to switch the order to a 3-blade. Hopefully there is a way to do that. I know there is a price difference but I’d like the quietest prop. Please advise how I can do this. Thanks.

I don’t know if 3 blade is necessarily quieter… I thought in general 3 blade is a bit higher tone, tiny bit more torque, less vibration. @Pdwhite perhaps a small section to allow people to make an informed decision? There’a a lot of confusion in this thread over prop choice (for example, efficiency, loudness/tone, vibrations, torque).