SP140 battery charging system - 2 hours?

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@jhair brought up a good point about charging. That is, 2 hours charging time for a regular 15a 120v outlet (in the USA) can only provide 12a continuously - 1.4kWh. So 4kWh/1.4kW = 2.85h. And that’s ignoring charger efficiency losses.

And batteries also need to slow down rate of charge near the end, correct?

I’m just curious what the sp140 fast charger will look like - if it will need to be hooked up to a 240v outlet to fast charge for the 2 hour charge time. Which if so is totally reasonable as it’s a tremendously large battery pack.

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im still trying to find out the answer to this question

Me and my friend Timo, ordered a different charger, will be able to load in 2 hours in theory,…
We will let you know if its working.
Not sure it will work in the US but in germany it will be.