Status of SP140?

What is the status of the SP140?

Which has more thrust the SP140 or X4?

When will SP140 be available for purchase/preorder?



I’m also excited for some more juicy details. Although I also know how annoying it can be to have people clamoring for details and expectations for a release… so… :sweat_smile:

We are still just tweaking a few things here and there, I’m happy with the flight time (getting 1 hour flight time with standard pack size) - thats what will come with the unit as default. I’m also working on a light weight pack 1/2 the capacity and weight as the standard pack. That will knock the weight down 15 lbs for 30 mins instead of the hour. And you can swap them back and forth so whatever you feel like that day.

The Sp140 will have a bit more thrust than the X4 around 5-7 lbs more.

Current time frame looks like it will be available in May.


does that mean if you reduce the weight by 15 lbs that the pack will have 30 lbs for 60 minutes?

So 58 - 15 is 43 lbs for 30 min. 58 for 60 min. flighttime

And 135 to 137 lbs thrust

that means you can fly with 15 lb s = 7 kg battery for 30 minutes? in europe we unfortunately don’t have any cells with such an extreme power density. we only have lipo and li-ion.

lol…slow down. 15lbs lighter doesn’t correlate to 15lbs for 30 minutes. use common sense here. If the battery is 45lbs total let’s say (we don’t have the full weight) then 15lb lighter could still mean 30lbs.

I didn’t say that with the weight! I only asked for the posting of pdwhite because it sounds incredible to me. he wrote that he flies for 60 minutes with 30 lbs of battery and 30 minutes with 15 lb of battery. In my experience, this is absolutely impossible with the batteries that are currently available worldwide.

You are right to be skeptical, 30lbs is not the all-up weight of batteries as there is a case, bms, wires, plate, thermal silicon sheets. The all-up weight of the 1-hour pack is just about 38lbs (4kwh pack), dropping down to the 2kwh pack knocks off about 15lbs but there is still the weight of the other components other than just the cells.

Ya 30lbs pack giving 1 hour flight time would be incredible, either a very efficient motor/flying like cruising at 3kw or very energy-dense battery. I think we will see it at some point but not in the next few years.

Do you have Ball park cost of extra standard pack or 1/2 pack?

Are you guys making these packs yourselves or getting someone to make them? I’ve not had any luck with packs for the X4, I ordered a pack from a company at the beginning but they built it for 200amps max, so built my own with vruzend connectors but they don’t last, the caps keep cracking.

Would love to see li-ion pack option from you guys for the x4, is this something you are considering?

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maybe it helps some of you. In the e-foilscenne, people from companies always offer to deliver batteries. many e-foilers also run with 12 -14 S configs. then you probably only have to use 2 packs for the openppg to achieve the high amps. I myself also use my eppg packs to fly with pg and also for foiling. here is the link to the forum. (my name is

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I tried this and received a pack with 200amp cut off instead of 300+ which is needed for the x4 and was clearly given to the battery manufacturer in China. Sadly the factory refused to take the battery back so Chris at VeConcepts gracefully took back the battery from me.

They made a really nice battery pack but sadly it didn’t have the correct amp output. Not sure If I would try going this route again since those Chinese factories will not refund you if it doesn’t work out.

I’m sorry that you had a bad experience. yes 1 e-foil battery is not enough. therefore I wrote ideal is use 2 if someone wants to do it that way. an efoil needs less than half an e-ppg. my e-foil has a maximum of 5 kilowatts when starting and about 1.5 kw when cruising. my e-ppg batteries “laugh” and stay “cool”. I can foil about 45 minutes with my standard 15 S / 12 P battery with 36 Ah. (sony vtc 6) is important if you are considering using a foil battery that has branded cells built in. e.g. sony vtc 6 or comparable. there are only 3 cell types that are suitable for 18650 size. it is even better if 21700 are used like the samsung 40 T or Molicel 42 p.

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Are you still on schedule for a possible May availability?

I just want to clarify I miss-typed i meant to say there are no plans to retrofit the X4 with the new batteries system.

May is still the current schedule, hopefully, the economy is somewhat back in working order then too.


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: It seemed too good to be true!

Excited to see the sp140!!

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