Sp140 vs minne eppg

I am a newbie to ppg and hopefully will start training in March. I would rather not deal with the complexity and challenges of a two stroke gas engine (as far as maintenance and handling/transporting gas) and have been reading up on eppg’s. The sp140 sounds inviting but I am concerned by the possible delivery date in May, June, July, or later. I have also read where it may be difficult to get replacement parts if something breaks or needs replacing.
I have looked at the webpages and videos for the Minne eppg and the price ($4000), battery (commercially available, greenworks, 80V, although they are currently out of stock :slight_smile: ) along with the design philosophy of simplicity and availability make me think that the motor and esc would also be more easily replaceable. That moves me in the direction of the Minne.
I am sure I am missing something so would appreciate some reasons to go with the sp140.

A bunch of relevant discussion here:

I could build an entire Minne unit including batteries, harness, and cage for about $3000 and about $1000 of it would be in the batteries. The problem I have is that it is built with the lowest quality and cheapest components you can find out of China and so many corners have been cut to reduce cost and development time. Also for only about $2000 more you could get an SP140 which will last literally ten times longer with far better power, flight times, and way better safety. Or for about the same price you could go buy an X4 with comparable flight times, but with more thrust, zero torque, much better safety, and it would last many times longer.

I did go through in a previous thread and compare the specs of the X4 to the Minnie and it wasn´t pretty. I do respect the guy who developed the Minne as he did get it in the air and he has managed to make a living out of it, but the quality to cost ratio and the frankly dangerous design of the Minne drives me nuts which is why I highly recommend getting a different unit.

Thank you both for your responses. That is helpful.
I was able to find your threads comparing various eppg’s and the numbers on the minne. Good information that makes me more cautious before venturing out.

Yes, definitely do some more research/due diligence. For example, think about what would immediately happen if during flight just one of those two Minne motors goes out. Not a pretty picture.

“911 what’s your emergency?”
“Help! My paramotor HAS BECOME A PARAGLIDER!”


We were previously talking about their single prop version, I won´t even get started on the dual motor version.

Where did you hear this?

Has anybody any idea when the SP140 could be delivered?
When I ask about it in the contact form, nobody answer me…
It’s worrying…

Hi guys not to detract form this post but came across this project https://www.ramseyerdesigns.com/enigma-200-1
Early days but very nice in my opinion … no affliation just loved the Engineering of this solo Motor Project , Not much tech info at mo as ist early days but shows Promise :slight_smile:

It’s worrying…

Delivery October 2020, nope.
Delivery Christmas 2020, nope.
Delivery End of Jan, well nope again. It’s Sunday 31st here.

It might be only me, but after sending a sizeable prepay I would expect an update latest at the day that won’t be expected delivery day any more.

The commination of AreoE LLC / OpenPPG is a disaster.
At this point I am out and will ask for the refund that was offered earlier.

There is a difference between running an (open source) project + forum vs. selling products while asking for upfront payments.

Thought I read in someone’s post that is was going to be April or May, I do not recall where it was. With the challenges that I have read with the development schedule, planning would need to project beyond the April/May dates…

I read that post too, yes.
That is someone who has heard that is might be some other date. Great.
(Don’t get me wrong. Thanks for sharing the point info with the wider group!)

I do expect this statement from the AeroE / OpenPPG not another user.
The effort for posting it to the right thread would be just a couple of minutes - why would one not do that if you care about your reputation and customers, which are already complaining in the public?

Too much for me. I am out and requested the refund for my payment as offered. Now it is getting really interesting…

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Yes please email in if anyone has questions about timeline. I try and always answer question there (especially urgent ones). The forum is not a reliable place for new product info. If its not coming from me to you then I can’t speak to the legitimacy of it. I don’t think i have ever said beyond April/May, definitely for people the pre-order folks.

Now for those who haven’t pre-ordered that could be possible as it might be out of stock later. In reality it might not even make it to having units in stock after pre-order due to demand. Im trying to but people are taking the places of those who have canceled their pre-orders and got refunded. Also once its in stock I do expect the price to increase slightly as the pre-order pricing goes away.

Tthe only persons that speak for OpenPPG on this forum is (me) @Pdwhite, @zjwhitehead, @glydrfreak thats it. So just take everything with a grain of salt if its not from those three people. Or if there any confusion and you want some clarification just email in info@openppg. I might not be the fastest to respond but it will be answered and from the source.

So for those who haven’t emailed in yet and are looking for and updated, I can save you the email if you see this first:

All parts are finished and loaded into the container, and it will be shipping today. The container will take about 25 days to reach us and then we will take about a week to assemble all parts and ship out.
Here are some pics for those who are interested

DDU (2).pdf (68.4 KB) !


Also another bit of info, we had to change the battery case lid. The sample was fine and all the cells fit well but for some mystical reason the cells didn’t fit for the main case run. Same mold and everything same parts, its honestly beyond me. If I was able to travel and be there Im sure I would have been able to figure it out but, time is limited so we had new case lids cut and had to discard the others.

So fun fact, I did the math so far for this production run of Sp140s there is at least $31,800 of wasted or unusable parts. Thats basically how much this run went over budget. That’s not including the R&D cost to get the Sp140 to that first production run. So I’m sure if the math was to be done for all cost for the Sp140 to get those who have pre-ordered the actual cost to us would be more then what they paid for their units. After about the 110th unit sold that’s the break even point for OpenPPG.

So I’m definitely in this for the long haul, and the profits after that break even point are going towards more R&D for making better paramotors and cool flying things. :slight_smile:

Anyway while there is a lot of great content here I don’t correct false info on the forum. I kinda just let it be the wild west, and I would rather spend the time working on fun stuff than moderate here etc. So again give stuff some thought before taking it as fact here.


I don’t know about everyone else but I just find the whole process fascinating. It’s fun to see progress. Looking forward to it, whenever it is ready :slight_smile:

Well I guess thats one f-word you could use :upside_down_face:
Elon calls it “production hell” for a reason haha


Thanks for sharing an update and all the effort you put into this @Pdwhite and @zjwhitehead. Many folks here really appreciate what you are doing, including me (even when I am low on patience ;-).

I really wish you success in getting the SP140 to fly in numbers large enough to cover all the cost and make a profit on this. Yes I do want you to make a profit please. In the end it is a lot of work and also financial risk that should not stay unrewarded.

Just please… give us a bit more frequent updates. Stuff breaks, concepts need redesigns, shipments take longer, … that is OK when the com is good.

Too much for me. I am out and requested the refund for my payment as offered. Now it is getting really interesting…

Just FYI for the folks out there, which are in doubt on their pre-pay like me:
Paul did get back to me immediately and offered to send the refund.


All my admiration for your tenacity.
I wish I had funds to become a silent partner in your adventure.
You are weaving the future, man.

So close! :crossed_fingers: