SP140 open source?

I’m considering buying the SP140, but would like to be able to be more handson (not just to fly it).
Will the components/software be made open source (like the X4), or will it be a more closed system ?
Since it is a new released project, it would also increase chances for updates/corrections.
Could you share how many pre-orders have already been made ?

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Yes it will be, but we don’t manufacture components like the ESC so some stuff is limited, but it will be the same as the X4. others had the same question here What's Coming Next - Batch 5 and OpenPPG Single Prop

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Thanks for your fast reply !
Can you already share a high level block diagram
Battery charger / battery / ESC / motor (type, main specs, …)
with the interfaces.

Is the ESC based on a standard product of APD
Can the battery pack be replaced by another standard one, of is there a dedicated interface
Are you using a standard motor

Since I’m from Europe, I will (have to) try to be able to keep the system up and running as much as possible myself

thanks for your feedback, and all your effort !

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Echo this. I’d love to see more SP140 information up on GitHub. Anything that could help with maintenance and repair would make me feel much more comfortable about ordering from overseas (UK).

Bump… Yes, was just watching the video of the SP140 at Endless Foot Drag and wanted to see how the acceleration, deceleration, and button presses were handled in the code to see if I could make an improvement using interrupts. I was under the impression that “open source” meant it was a group effort and many users could build these components from a build list, buy list, 3D print list and download the code and make tweaks or enhancements to share back to the community. I don’t own the SP140, but was considering buying the motor, ESC, and building the throttle. I’m not finding info on building and coding the throttle on the Github.

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Thanks, but if I were to analyze code and try enhancements, I would also need to build the entire throttle. Is there a build list, print list, buy list of open source parts? As I look around it seems everything looks like the older throttle for the X4

Hans, make sure you double check if the the throttle code works with the ADP ESC they way you would get it if it does come with the SP140.

I tried to connect to my ADP ESC to look at the settings and potentially update the firmware, but this did not worked out of the box. It appears the the SP140 is using either an old or a custom firmware on the ESC. My expectation is that upgrading the firmware to the newest ADP stock fw would stop the throttle from working.

@Pdwhite Can you confirm the firmware is a custom version and the SP140 throttle only works with this firmware?

Ya firmware is built for us so different firmwares might not work.

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