Solution to a problem

Decided to work on a problem the local pilots face on Long Island. We have the beaches and ridges for both PG and PPG but can not reach them on foot for being too far away or inaccessible by car. I put my hands on an electric fat tire foldable bicycle and modified a bike trailer. I widened the axle and put wide tires onto it so that it would not flip on uneven terrains. I made few modifications on the bike - added a set of paniers (saddle bags), adjusted a few things,

Gave it a beach try yesterday and it worked better than expected. It will open new locations never flown before with a PG or PPG. The yellow/black bag is my radio helmet - fits perfectly inside the frame.
PAS means “Pedal Assistance”, the number is the level of assistance you want. The highest number will bring you close to 28mph on dry pavement.


I have a bike just like that, I was thinking of buying a child bike trailer that could fit the frame and batteries but the trailers seem to not fit my bike because of the motor in the wheel has wiring that gets in the way of the connection point. I gotta get a setup like you have!

Hey Dennis,
You will need to widen the wheel base to prevent the hole thing from flipping hover. For the wheels, use this kind or similar will do. You need to find a piece of tubing that will fit the wheels. You will also need cotter pins to secure the wheels. Pretty simple to do. I did not replace the cart original axle and used it to bolt the new one onto it in three places. I can remove it an add the original wheels back on if needed

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