Lugging my OpenPPG around

There are spots inaccessible by car or too far on foot to walk to, so here’s my latest contraption. I carry my wing on my back and just go. The whole trailer folds down flat to nothing and it takes about 20 seconds to open it, put the wheels on and attach it to my bike. The battery box is at the bottom. 2 velcro straps to secure the PPG and one bungee at the top for hoop pocket. The helmet fits perfectly inside the seat plate area with water, and snacks. Good to go.:wink:


I made an update today to my OpenPPG tug and widened the wheel base. Now it is impossible to flip it over. I also put different wheels with fat rubbers and low psi for the beach. Will have more updates soon. It is really easy pedaling with this thing. And I still can revert to the thinner wheels if needed. I also know from past experience, that I will be able to use the cart as a stand while assembling the PPG and keep it off the sand. Getting better by the week :smile:


How fast can it go?

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how fast can you pedal?

maybe fold out the props, hit the throttle, and go even faster! (notice: you’ll drain your battery and may not be able to fly anymore).


Can’t go on the highway with it😆
My DK “beat” in the mid 90’s - 45lbs - was the lightest at the time - Boxer engine from Japan
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My solution:

2 wheels can be detached quick so the tray folds small

The system has a 1 pin connection to the bike, it is ce certified to use on road

The bike has 5 different gears shiftet via grip

Upgrades to ebike:

Mirror, tachometer, sidestand

Bin front and rear, quickdetatch

Rear frame and dirtcatcher front also catcher

30 km/h 15 miles p h

1 hour with 1 batterie

Payed for e bike 450 euro 9 years ago at carrefour near monaco

The hanger was 190 euro at decatkon antibes france

Rest upgrades about 170 euro

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Ideal tyres… my are way thinner…

Your tires won’t work in the sand unless it is wet and compacted. You need 4" tires for the bike. Trailer: 16" wheels with wider tires will bounce on rocks and potholes but could be a better solution for you. I used 12" kayak cart wheels.