So who are the 5 new lucky owners of the first OpenPPG?

Apparently there were only 5 units available, and they must have sold out in a few minutes only.

So which one of you guys did get one of the first five units?
When will you receive it, when will you do your first flight?
Let us all know! :slight_smile:


Yes - I want names, assembly and flying vids - more importantly flying vids!:grin:
Cheers, Patrick


strange, that nobody wants to out himself as one of the buyers ??

I am one of the batch 2 buyers - will post lots of videos as soon as it arrives. Can’t wait! Also, I’m planning on setting this up as a tandem rig :slight_smile:


well… any videos yet

I’m waiting eagerly for the opportunity!

Do you think OPPG can handle 2 people?

If the currently published thrust specs are correct, then it’s more powerful than most of the machines which have been used for tandems during the past few decades. Being able to do a tandem flight is more about the wing size and pilot skill than motor capability. More power is obviously better, but there are instructors who do tandems with a Top 80 Miniplane (much less powerful than the OpenPPG).

It could be interesting to have a report-pictures on a static thrust bench
Typical benches

  1. L shape + vertical weight scale
  2. sliding chariot + horizontal weight scale

Hi My name is Phil, and I am one of the batch 2 guys. A few more weeks before I hope to see a large package in my mailbox from what Paul told me :wink:

sure, why don’t you buy an openPPG kit and such a thrust-measuring-bench and let us know your test result :slight_smile: