Rob's Batch2 Build Log


Nice, Rob! How many minutes flying time did you get with the four batteries?


Another depressing video - someone flying with their new OpenPPG rig that is not me :>)

Loved the nice low flybys

Very envious, more right now of just the flying part with a little of the Emotor part. My batch3 will be here in Jan. Might have to take trip south to some warmer weather to get some flying in - dont feel much like clothing up for winter flying at this point.

Cheers, Patrick


Haven’t done the battery duration test yet.
Just wanted to get into the air and make sure everything was working as planned and to check the battery temp.


Here’s another video from this weekend flying.

How loud is this thing?

So how much time did you get up in the air while you were there?
Cheers, Patrick


So here are the results of my flight in this video. Basic level flying with ± 20 turns.
Frame weight = 29lbs
Batteries = 20lbs
Batteries = Bonka 22000 6C
Misc. lbs = ± 2lbs
Pilots weight = 170lbs
Wing = Axis 26m Pluto 2
Temp = 66 degrees
Take off time = 7:54
Landing time = 8:21
Duration = 27 min
I landed 20 seconds after the throttle screen read 0%. I checked battery charge and each cell was at ±3.5v.
On landing batteries were warm to touch.


Thanks for sharing the stats.

Btw, the video you posted isn’t available anymore


Your a small skinny dude!
! am 198 now - 5 '8" - I need to get down to 180, that is where I feel really comfortable in my skin.

But more than that I am wondering how efficient the Axis 26m Pluto 2 – at appx 221lbs your still below the min wiight range on that wing of 264lbs

Cheers, Patrick


Fixed…ugh…20 char rule


I was 198 for many years. I chose a 26 meter wing because I wanted something efficient. I’m looking at the APCO hybrid now.


Im ordering a few of the Apco hybrids if you want one for a bit better price let me know and ill add it to the order. They do look interesting and i wana try them out.


Hi Paul,
I messaged you direct on the site.
Please provide me with a price for a Medium Hybrid.


Very interesting – looking forward to your review.
Cheers, Patrick


I’m very curious about the Apco Hybrid as well. If anyone flys one with OpenPPG please let’s us know what you think!

All things Wings

Jeff Goin came over yesterday to try out the ePPG. Here are a few clips from that day.
Pilot - Jeff Goin
Weight - 145#
Wing - 16m Doberman
Batteries - four Bonka’s
Charge - full
Flight time - +22 minutes
Batteries +warm to the touch
Flown to 0% checked voltage all cells were ±3.5volts


Another fun flight with the ePPG. Video to follow.


Dont post it - I will get depressed :grin:


wow nice stress testing and if that man Jeff liked it that’s gotta be big brownie points for Openppg Crew , Great Advert for great product …Nice


Another beautiful sunset flight in Florida yesterday.
Pilot Weight - 170#
Wing - 23m Axis Vega
Batteries - four Bonka’s
Charge - full
Flight time - 27 minutes
Batteries +warm to the touch
Flown to 12%


I know it is all relative based on wing, pilot weight and wind conditions - but I was hoping for more flight time. Since I still have to get the remainder of my time in for Canadian cert - 4h and 45 minutes to go and 29 more take offs and landings :>) - this will be a long haul on with my batts, assuming I get the same performance.

Looks like I will need to keep my Kangook to finish my training. At least for the time portion. TO’s and Lg’s might be ok for the Oppg. Might need 4 more bats and have 3 sets of 4 for foot launching and have 12 for triking and longer flights