Rob's Batch2 Build Log


Kit came in.


Looks like you have a great space to work in!


Yes, it’s my fablab at the university simulation program I run.
Will be reprinting much of the 3D printed parts.


BTW, where are you located in Ontario? Spent my high school years in Owen Sound and Burlington.


You may want sand the edges of the carbon fiber parts while it is disassembled. It’s a lot easier than after assembly. Pay particular attention to the slot areas where the harness straps go through the plates. Best of luck with your build.


Richmond hill
Parry Sound is my home town


Yea! I’ll come visit soon :slight_smile:


Did you get one?


Yes, batch two. Fully assembled and batteries wired up and fully charged, just need some final tweaking … resoldering some stiff wires using silicone wire. Hopefully, if weather permits will have the maiden flight this weekend. You can assemble and sand afterwards like I did, but it is easier beforehand.


Reprinted the throttle. The advantage of having access to a good 3D printer.


Clips of my build.