Quick flight with the SP140

Thought you guys might be interested in a flight from a few days ago with the SP140.
I talk through a few things but mostly just rambling trying to test out my new mic setup :slight_smile:

Did all the editing on my iPad this evening. Adobe premiere rush is pretty simple but usable.
Thoughts on a better app?


You’re teasing us! But thanks for sharing.
For those who ordered an SP140, can you give us an update on production schedule? Are you still on schedule to ship later this month? (No rush, just curious).


Bump…any update on production schedule? Can we get more video content showing how the unit works please? Like how to turn on /off, what the display on throttle shows and how to customize if possible. All the buttons and switches etc, how to swap batteries in unit and how to charge batteries, etc.

Can’t wait!

@zjwhitehead @Pdwhite


There has been a productions delay making the mold for the ABS battery case. So right now it looks like that battery will be the weak link as far as time goes. And we still need a sample to get pulled from the mold to ok it for main production. So the current time frame looks like mid November.

Here a vid showing the battery swap i made last night for you guys that were asking. https://youtu.be/56DjHZ14Stg


Love it. Thanks for the video!!

Glad to hear you are on track for my ~ New Year’s delivery prediction! :wink:

Thank you for sharing! For all of us who placed an order in good faith, please continue to send a regular update once in awhile. Videos like these are much appreciated!

Thanks for the update and first product delays are not surprising, I do however echo the comment from @mlobker, more frequent updates would be great!

Does the battery lock in place? or just held by gravity? If you give it to an acro guy, will it be safe? Thanks.

I’m not angry at the production delays, just disappointed :slight_smile:

the fastening as with the sp 140 is ideal because it is form-fitting. we have been using this type battrerie place in moskito light e since 2016. it is secured at the top with a velcro tape. when flying, the battery always pulls towards the bottom / seat board, regardless of whether it is wing overs or infinity tumblings. the centrifugal force always pushes the battery in. my friend roland brunnbauer flies the complete acro program with a mosquito light e. you can find it on youtube. example ( no acro only fun flying, you can see the batterie ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIUoO05mVcw

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I dont fly a lot of acro but, its in fit snugly. And even if it was only held in by gravity, i really don’t know of a spot in flight where there would be negative Gs on the frame? Even with infinity’s or wing overs at the worst case there is 0 Gs. Any other scenario with -Gs would unsafe if even posable. So yes it would be fine for acro.

Due to the physics of a glider/parachute with suspension lines are always taught (and if slack, at worst 0 G), I don’t think the wing could ever apply negative G forces to the pilot in any maneuver.

the reason why we have a Velcro tape on top to secure the bat. it is because it can happen during the take-off run that you fall. then the battery could hit the back of the head. even if it doesn’t happen 100,000 times. we protect ourselves against every possible mistake. the velcro band costs 2 dollars .


Is that battery in the video the 60 min batt or the 30 min batt?

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It’s been mentioned before that it’s the same case with a different # of batteries, so it’ll look the same from the exterior.

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Super impressed with the SP140 guys, well done. I hope to make it my first PPG.

I second the idea of giving Tucker Gott a test flight, I think he’d be really enthusiastic about it based on the power and run time.

The run time and the ease of use is more likely to be a benefit for Jaclyn. She has difficulty getting the engine started and doesn’t appear to spend as much time in the air as Tucker.


With the feather lighter pack maybe tho, with the full pack its heavy, may not be ideal for Jaclyn.
@Pdwhite any plans to send any review units to Tucker or Aviator or any others?

That would be awesome to see tucker try the sp140 and jaclyn with the feather battery. That could also really help push E-ppg as a surprising number of paramotor pilots don’t even know about it let alone all the advantages.

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While it would be fantastic if he gave it a try, I suspect he wouldn’t want to endanger his sponsorship with Scout. I can’t say I would blame him.

Kinda don’t want him making anything on it right now as people would get mad it is not in stock and I want to make sure everyone who has pre-ordered get their units and they are happy with it.
I just want to have units in stock before any advertising happens. I’m super excited to start doing some advertising but I really want to make sure productions and timelines are smooth. As you guys know, timelines were and still are a bit volatile.