Propeller Protectors

Following @tarifachris suggestion

I bought some.

I think they are super sleek, and fit the 22x10 wood props very well.
in reality they look much better than advertised by falcon themselves:

The velcros, to hold the prop protectors in place, are not really needed, as the sleeves have a tight fit. But I decided to keep them anways, and just shorten them a bit (there were about as double as long as they are now, as seen in the picture above).


Funny thing is I bought mine here in the US and they are in mm…
If I remember correctly 10.90 usd the pair…

Well spend money - every nick in the props is more noise, vibration and losing efficiency !

do they fit in the holes?

yes, perfectly. no widening, drilling or modification whatsoever necessary.

They fit tight over the props and made out of a thicker neoprene material, that is still slim enough to fit in the holes


how did you add my text your reply?

Could they be used as reusable condoms? Never mind they are too big for me! :rofl:

I purchased these for $2.11 per pair. They work well, but no where near as sleek as the falcon ones.

Highlight the text then press quote.

Thanks so much.