Prop size question

What are the pros and cons of bi vs tri blade for the sp140?

Also the harness, what is the major difference for the s/m vs l/ex l harness? Is it weight/size oriented?

The package says ready to fly out of the box, does that mean it includes the paraglider as well or just the paramotor, glider bought separately?

And then what are the pros and cons of each paraglider available on this site? Are they weight/size oriented or does it not make much difference?

I’m 170/5’9

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with these questions!

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Hey Jay,
I’ll only tackle a bit of your questions, but if you don’t mind, where are you located?
From reading your post I think it would be great if you connected locally with some pilots if possible. Getting specific with the wing is very important, not just your weight/all up weight, but also matching your skill level, and goals. Even though this is considered one of the cheapest ways to fly, it’s still an investment, and your life (and others) is on the line. Even while I’m all for supporting this group, electric, etc, I would still be looking over all the wings available, and how they best fit your needs. Luckily, there is not a one solution fits all, and we can get much more specific with our needs, making it that much more safe, and exciting! But that doesn’t mean a good wing can’t last for a long time either… I guess my point is, do a lot of research, get connected with groups, and look into training if needed! We all had to start somewhere! :smiley:

Hey Jay
Ah…“the wing is the thing” :slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty sure the SP 140 does not include a wing. Paramotors and wings are often mixed and matched for the pilots needs. Many pilots own more than one wing.

The wing OpenPPG has on this site is the Ozone mojo power. Ozone is a very large and popular brand with decades of experience. The mojo is their beginner wing. By all reviewers it’s very safe and stable. A ppg pilot I have met and flew with absolutely loved his mojo but he did refer to it as a slug (in an endearing way).

I’ve not flown a mojo, my first wing was a 10 year old ozone buzz Z3.

The harness size is mostly about your height I think. I’m about an inch higher that you. I went to the larger Dudek comfort.

Best bet is to learn on the equipment your trainer has and get to know what you do and don’t like before buying.

Awesome! Thank you for the information, still learning and have yet to choose an instructor and purchase equipment. I’ve been researching PPG’s and EPPG’s for quite some time, was waiting for the EPPG to move up a bit in terms of battery capacity, etc. I think the 1 hour flight time suits my needs with an extra battery in addition for a second trip.

I’m in Florida, near Tampa.

Lucky you, hanging out in FL! Anyways, I imagine you will have a couple options. While it may not be a perfect match w/ electric in mind, I would def check out aviator ppg, since both of their locations are an hour or two away. I haven’t hung out with them lately, but I briefly worked alongside of them at oshkosh, and Eric helped me pick out my first wing. (wasn’t even a student of theirs!) def a good group of people, and I can only imagine the newer family would be the same.
I also know that he kept an eye on the electric, including this project, so it wouldn’t be a far stretch that by the time your ready, they might be right there with you as far as interest; but I don’t want to speak for them. pricing and info is right on their website, and heaps of videos if you wanted to dig in farther.
You could def meet up with some of the groups or clubs out there and see what’s going on, assuming that’s still a thing!

I’ll definitely be checking out both places, thank you!

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Check out PpgGorilla very affordable training rates and few student per class.