Prop mounting and torque?


Anyone know if I’m mounting these propellers wrong or what nm of torque the prop bolts are tightened to?
Looks like they slipped a bunch on first full power test. You can see the shaft extender dug in to the prop a little, am I missing something here?



I had the same issues. I don’t have a spec, but I giv’er has much as I can and haven’t had slippage. The Big slip I had was on the pair that have counter-torque which loosens the nut. Weve talked about doing something with multiple pins or other retaining features, which will require a custom prop or secondary process mods and an updated prop mount.


Thanks for the quick response @davek79 ! I wasn’t sure if I was missing a lock washer or something on that side of the prop. All four slipped similarly, I guess I just didn’t crank down the nyloc nuts hard enough. Thanks!


You’ll also find some of the “wear” is from the process of tightening them down - the props invariably turn if you’re holding them while torquing