Paul B & Braedin B (GliderPilot & Glydrfreak) Flights & Build Modifications

How did you add these files to this thread? Every time I’ve tried it would only allow an image file.

This weekend I forgot to buckle up the lower harness attachment to the frame (I’m usually really thorough at checking things over). The way I have it rigged makes it only one buckle instead of two but it leaves one strap long enough to reach the prop (if it’s not done up).

So during flight one of my props kept hitting the loose strap but I didn’t even hear it or feel it. I didn’t notice it till after I landed and saw a chunk missing from the tip of the prop.

I even flew it again with the same prop to see if I could feel a difference in the vibration but I couldn’t.

Anyway, now I’m debating if I want to connect the strap different (such that if I fail to do it up it won’t reach the prop) or just not have a connection there at all. The thrust line is below the motor pivot point so the thrust will naturally hold it against your lower back. Other than severe turbulent conditions I don’t see a need to have a connection there. What are everyone’s thoughts on that? @Pdwhite, do you typically do yours up?

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I have forgot to strap mine before and had the same thing happen other the nicking up the prop. It only takes me about 15 second so i always strap it or you can feel it sliding around if your doing any mild acro. Also on take off it will slide around bit when your running.

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I also forgot once. As I was walking to my takeoff, I felt the extra movement in the harness and decided to do a double check - glad I did. I’ve added it to my pre-flight checklist.

I do find it a bit fiddly, so I would like to do something similar to yours with a quick connect of some kind.

I want to do two things:

  1. A quick connect
  2. Make them either too short to reach the prop or self retract

I also need to be extra careful not to go over my reserve bridle with it! I did that once too!

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Here is an interesting calculator that uses cell resistance to estimate the maximum recommended average current draw to prevent pack damage:

My charger displays the resistance of my Bonka batteries between 1.5 and 2 ohms. According to this calculator you shouldn’t draw more that 257 amps from a pair of Bonka batteries or they will get too hot and damage the cells. Over 60 degrees C is too hot.

After flying 10 minutes on a pair of Bonka’s I measured the heat with an IR gun and they were 65 degrees C. However, after flying 25 minutes with 4 Bonka batteries they don’t get hotter that 55 degees C. Therefore, I will continue to use 4 Bonka’s to protect my investment from premature damage.


This is crucial information. I think it should be standard practice to use a minimum of 4 bonkas (or equivalent) to give ample leeway in the temperature range.

This goes beyond just protecting batteries from degradation, it’s a safety issue. This electric system can be significantly safer and more reliable than a gas powered motor, but only if we don’t overload the batteries.


Paul, thanks to Kealyb and his printer I installed the hinge stoppers you designed. I found I had an approx. 1/2" gap between them when the hoop was aligned. Yours look as though they are touching, and I assume your hoop was aligned, is that correct? One other item: when these are installed you can no longer fold the legs up for transportation. Do you keep your Openppg unit set up and ready to go while stored? Bill

If you can’t fold them up then you must have installed them on the wrong side which would also explain the gap.

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I also picked up a Dudek Powerseat and I see how you connected it but I figured a standoff is supposed to go there. Can somebody confirm if I’m right that the red highlighted bolts are where the standoffs for the backplate are supposed to go?

Yup, that’s where I put em, except the one by the arm pivot on each side.

I also have a powerseat and put the top harness point through both slots and all the way around the standoff

Thanks! @davek79 I went by this pic from their store page:
Easy to see as their standoff bolts are silver not black. You can see they don’t have standoffs where the top of the harness straps in, but I figured those holes were for standoffs. Just wanted to confirm, thanks again!

Where you put the standoffs aren’t all that critical as long as they are spaced fairly evenly. The way I routed my harness makes it more like a hinge so the straps don’t slide through the carbon slots as you fold it up. Therefore, I moved the standoff’s to the next closest holes. Plenty strong and folds up smooth.

Oh geez… you are right. I had them on the wrong side. Ha ha! Thanks for the clarification, Paul. That teaches me to not be in such a hurry! I thought you must be just keeping your frame assembled and not folded.

The strap wrapped twice around the frame base, supporting the machine and keeping it really tight against the frame. Once properly adjusted and purposely a bit short in length, I pull hard on the two halves to clip them together - no excess webbing floating around - just have to remember to fasten the straps during the pre-flight routine.

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@GliderPilot I live in Orem and would love to come see your OpenPPG and watch you fly sometime. Perhaps you could let me know when and where you’re flying next and hopefully I can come up.

I saw Glider Pilot’s paramotor today and it is awesome with a lot of modifications mostly geared toward safety and more to come. Very worthwhile to see paramotor in flight as well.


Today I practiced a no wind launch technique using the thrust from the motor to pop the wing up. I love how short the takeoff distance is with this technique.

I’m just over the weight range when motoring on this Tequila 4 wing and my climb rate is close to 300 fpm with the OpenPPG.


Met @GliderPilot to see his OpenPPG rig and watch him fly. Very impressed with OpenPPG.

Took a few videos. Had a very nice sunset for a backdrop. Sorry about the video glitches, ironically I believe having image stabilization on my camera caused it. Note that there is also a gas PPG flying around that you’ll hear in the first video.

Thanks @GliderPilot


That first video is great for a rough sound comparison between gas and electric!

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