Open Source Release?

So now that the first orders have been taken, when can we expect a release of the “open source” design files? I’d love to see the CAD files, wiring diagrams, controller code, etc.


Were cleaning a few things up with the code and the files for the public, but if you really need them right away just shoot me a PM and ill get them to you.


Thanks - I can be patient (for a few more days!) Thanks for all the work on this, looking forward to seeming what the community does with this as it grows.

Sweet! Let us know where they’ll be posted. Particularly if you have any links on how the carbon fiber plating is done that would be great to know as well.

Can you also make the files for the the original round tube available - I want to make a none folding version 1st and round seems more the way to go.

My 2 cents: let @Pdwhite publish those files first, that are the base of what is shipping right now!

I guess he and the team is tied up already, so why make things more complicated?
It’ll be up to you then to make any modifications (and publish these as well).

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I’m in no rush – wont be till the winter that I can start manufacturing

Hello @Pdwhite, congrats on this awesome build!
Any news about releasing the frame and hinges files?

I am based in Germany, would by the props, controller and throttle from you,
but I would LOVE to try to build the frame myself, as I am a Maker and Tinkerer.

If the only issue is that the files need some cleaning, no worries, I can take care of that myself (any possibly help you with that).

Very interested too. What CAD format are you planning to release ?

@Pdwhite Hi Paul,
any roadmap/ ETA for the release of the files?

Not that I am in any rush - probably not going to do anything the fall most likely. But seems odd that a production run can be done but the files need to be clean up – he did say PM him if you are really eager.

Cheers, Patrick

yep PM if you want to take a look

Its mostly the sharing platform the files will be on, I want to keep the different versions of the files clean and organized to eliminate confusion. Its not so much the files as the organization and platform the share them.


@Pdwhite Hi Paul, PM sent!

As for sharing 3D files, not sure if you already have a platform in mind, but I have two suggestions:

I am not sure if those platforms have version control, but you can definitely openly share CAD and STL files there.

Me too please @Pdwhite

Thanks :sunglasses:

Hey @Pdwhite just a reminder, did not get your email yet…