Old School Throttle

Ski poles: because we were slaloming through a course on the beach and it helped us keeping our balance. And in my case, I was on custom trick skis with rounded edges only 1m long and no guiding groove in the center - in other words, it felt more like riding on ball bearings;-)

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Nice shot! The only problem with the mouth throttle at the beach was that if you were a short guy, the throttle was touching the sand and if slightly wet, the grains of sand were sticking to the wooden clothe pin you had to put in your mouth… Another drawback was that after a few minutes of flight, since the pilot’s mouth was not fully closed, all the internal moisture was evaporating with the airspeed effect and it felt like chewing on a piece of chalk after a while.

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Seeing as I have not really settled into any particular grove for a throttle – I might print it just to see how it feels. If I dont like it I could give it to someone that does not have a printer.


Printing the final throttle design and PCB case. https://youtu.be/1DjhfZwCN5k

Printing complete


Looks good for those that like that style controller.

@dzubot It appears SimLoop designed a PCB cover.

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Can you share the pcb cover print file please?

If you need to tweak the PCB case I have the Fusion files for the board that might help.
Message me if you want them

I have the box made and will be designing the cover based on fit. Once I get everything fitted properly I’ll post the .stl files.

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Here you go.ControllerPCB.STL (222.9 KB)
ControllerPCBTop.STL (117.3 KB)


Excellent thank you

Where do the ESC wires connect? Im not seeing a slot for them

I don’t know? I have batch 2. I ask for a schematic, but never heard back from you. Was going to ask you how they attached to the board today. Can you send a pic of one all connected or send a schematic?

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I assume they would attach to these pins. Are you attaching all four here or would the 4-1 adapter I made still work? And where would it plug in? Would any of the slots work?

I went buy this from Puals B’s build – white to the outside and since the all get the same signal I dont see why you could not go with the adapter!

Here you go. Updated .stlControllerPCBTop.STL (89.7 KB)

Basically this board has the adapter built into it. The white connector has a black and white wire and the four ESC connectors have a black and white wire. Are you wanting to plug your splitter into one of the black connectors on that board. That should work fine and it wouldn’t matter which one you plug it into but I don’t see why you would want to.

I’m curious why you upgraded to the new board? I did because I was considering using higher volts. Plus the new board is nice and cleans up the wiring and has the BEC built in.

I wanted an old school throttle that you don’t use your thumb with. I didn’t want to disable my current setup by removing the throttle insides to make the new one. So I upgraded to the new board.

Oh, so you have the batch two and the batch three entire throttle setup?

Yes, I have both.