Non folding build

I love the idea of 4 props etc but I do not need the folding option.

Instead, I ‘visualize’, a purpose built trike.

As for transporting, using this guys system as a start, I would use a dolly that would allow the loaded trike to slide into a towing 2x2 receiver.

Just wheel the motor and trike into and out of the garage as a unit.

PPG Transport

Here is the trike link

That person has an interesting trike system carry system.

I to am toying with a trike idea. My original thought was also none folding and then I came to a conclusion that I want the trike and motor to break down into small enough pieces to fit into my small camper trailer I am building. It is going to be 4 by 6 - just enough room for me to sleep in when I go out on long trips to sights for flying. I am doing this not for the compactness to travel but for storage when not in use. I would only need the trike if I am carrying all eight batteries for an extended flight.

Here is my current custom carrier - the Kangook cage only takes a few minutes to breakdown but I cant lay the motor down do to the gas so just decided to keep together. Electrics no gas to worry about to spill

Nice setup. With a dolly at the correct height, no lifting.

Add the trike, no problem.