New SP140 Firmware - v5.4

Hi all (and happy Easter!)

I just tagged version 5.4 of the controller firmware for the SP140.

The detailed release notes are in the Github link but I wanted to highlight a couple changes and open the release up to feedback before updating the config tool with the latest downloads:

The throttle sensitivity has been tweaked a bit, especially in “chill” mode. Its now much more similar to a 2-stroke gasoline engine that many pilots are used to. Because of this I also bumped up the max throttle in chill mode. The max throttle range is especially useful for that last minute go-around when your battery voltage is low and you need the extra power.

The new build process is up and running and has been working out great. Beyond building for each version of the OpenPPG, we also have it saving the .uf2 file so anyone can test the latest firmware with a drag and drop and we automatically check for code styling warnings (aka linting). (example of latest run)

We’re looking for feedback on the new firmware. @Pdwhite have been flying with it lately but we’d love to have a few more pilots try it out. Link to the flashable SP140 firmware file.
I’ll update the config tool with the new link as well in the near future.

Thanks and stay tuned for more controller updates here!



I wish I saw this at the start of the Easter weekend. Had overcast weather and got 4 flights in!
I’ll be up for trying the new firmware and am excited for the changes to the throttle mode. I have gotten used to the snappiness of the throttle at this point but am keen to see how the changes affect leaving cruise control. I can never seem to get a smooth disengagement of cruise.

Its not your fault :upside_down_face:
I had the same trouble while cruising and had to fix it by not averaging the throttle when in cruise (since it was just reading 0 when you are “hands-off”).

A couple of you messaged in saying switching the power modes (chill/sport) was unreliable with this release.
I have a new build up that should fix it. Download here

It looks like the new bootup screen added just enough time that the watchdog timer thought the controller was frozen when also changing the power mode. I added an extra watchdog reset during boot to fix this.

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So is the current FW listed on the configurator (5.3) the same as before just updated? My current FW is from December and is the same FW 5.3.

The configurator hasn’t been updated yet. The latest link is above. I’ll update the configurator when a few other people have confirmed that the new firmware is good

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The link for the FW is broken :pensive:

Strange. It works for me but maybe because Im signed in. (65.3 KB)

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version 5.4 is now up on the site.

I’m now focused on a couple more changes for next batch of controllers, mostly due to supply chain constraints and switching chips. Stay tuned for updates here in the community forum if you’re curious.


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I just updated to 5.7 from an older (pre 5.4) version and was caught by surprise by the changes during the takeoff and initial flight. Tracked it down to this 5.4 change I think (max Chill upped from 75 to 85%).

I had a scary takeoff with too much power and front/back pendulum (on Chill, I only use Chill), and too slow ramp-down, felt weird/sluggish to me after releasing the throttle (I never used fossil PPG). I will try again but I will consider adjusting it back in my own build. Just my three cents. Perhaps we can add a warning when updating from pre-5.4. It was only my 4th PPG flight and the takeoff was quite different from the 3 before. I use very slow single skin wing (Dudek V-King ES), super stable but felt like it was staying behind me and I was “swinging” forward/up too much. Hope it helps somebody.
75kg pilot, smaller battery fully charged.

I do like the chill/sport switch and cruise, but haven’t used them yet.

The two-tap arm/disarm continues to be hit/miss (mostly miss and retry) but looking at the code I see 600ms and I was doing it too quickly. I wish there was a normal on/off toggle instead.

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Thanks for the feedback!
We wanted to make the changes for the new batches going forward so we had to make the decision for simplicity to just make all the controllers (despite the original version) act the same.

The code isn’t too hard to change on your own so glad you found that

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Update: I had more flights and it’s growing on me once I am aware of the change. But I had another issue - the throttle armed itself on the ground by accident, good thing is that it beeped. It hasn’t happened since, but I would love a better, locking (not double tap) toggle (except one that can stay ON while locked unlike the example pictured). Just some food for thought. BTW so far I always arm it WHILE running, after the wing is overhead, because I noticed I tended to squeeze it when lifting the wing. I believe most people arm it before, and I plan to switch once I get more used to the throttle.