Bug in v5.5 when removing cruise control

I hope this is the correct thread for this post:
After completing the hang tests, I was running the motor and checking out the controls. I set cruise and after I hit the throttle to come off cruise the system rebooted and showed a quick battery failure error. This happens every time. Has anyone else seen this?

Doesn’t it look normal after you unplug and plug back in?

Which firmware version are you running? Should say on boot up

Nope. Same behavior every time. Also, my motor makes a grinding noise when it first starts to rotate. Once it’s rotating it’s pretty quiet. It doesn’t do it if I give the hub a manual spin and then hit the throttle, so I’m guessing it has to do with getting the mass actually moving. Is this common with this motor?

It normal for the motor to give a little jitter on start up as it doing that to since its position so the ESC can send power in the correct timing.

What is the firmware version the controller says?

I have a video but I can’t upload it. I can send it via email if you like.

Sure that works. Or send as a direct message by clicking on my picture

Keep us updated on what you did to resolve it.

Following up on this,
Looks like there was a simple config change I forgot to make to the buzzer call that happens after the cruise control gets disabled.
The fix was as simple as updating the firmware for Jeff.

Ill be updating the config tool with the new update soon. In the meantime I have the update file if anyone wants it.

So if we aren’t getting the error when coming off of cruse then we don’t need the update? What version was he on? Wouldn’t everyone who was on his same version have the same issue?

My version was 5.5

Not necessarily, there are SP140 controllers with different processors etc. The controllers may have the same functionality but due to slight hardware differences the firmware is different.

Its similar to how iPhones run basically the same way but depending on the version and the screen size they have their own update files (and therefore sometimes specific bugs).

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Update: If you havent updated to 5.6 (out a month ago) please do so to fix this bug.
If you dont know how heres instructions SP140 - OpenPPG Config
Closing this thread. Feel free to start a new one if you notice anything else odd.