Need help with new hub

I’m hoping someone can help me. I have a batch 3 kit and the hub went out on me. I just received my new hub and it appears to be a batch 4 hub which has more plug ins. On my old hub you only plugged in one connector from each motor to the hub. The new hub it appears you plug in two connectors from each motor into the hub, but I’m not sure which connectors go where on the new hub. I’m hoping someone can give me some direction. I’ll include pictures of the old and new hubs. Thanks much

Wiring starts at 13:40.
Batch three and batch four use the same controller board

@grejen711 you’ll notice thats actually for the older hub. @Normandycoast has the latest batch 4 hub (same as batch 5) which supports telemetry, black box etc.
Heres the overview and setup video for that

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@zjwhitehead, will he be able to connect his batch 3 controller to the batch 4 hub? The connector is now 6 pin instead of 4.

Doh! Of course. I should have known better.

I have a new controller as well, so no issues their. Also I want to give a super big thank you to the Whitehead brothers for their awesome customer service and to the openppg community for their help and info!


No, they operate completely differently so upgraders will need to make sure they have compatible controllers and hubs.

The big change comes from the new hub and controller communicating both ways digitally (using RS485) vs older versions having dedicated wires for divided voltage, PWM for ESCs etc.

Thanks and glad to hear it!
We do it because we’re pilots and love seeing more and more people discover this awesome sport/way of life :smiley:

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Could someone please help with my problem
I just got the openppg package and it may be version 4 (I can’t check) and I have a problem with the controller. The hand gas does not recognize the voltage, the green light blinks slowly (1x / s) esc beeps the missing control signal. should the delivery include a sd card or is there a program missing?
Best regards Juha

Looks like you don’t have any telemetry singles wires plugged in from you ESC you should have all 4 slots filled and the alternate so that makes sense that you aren’t getting signal on two of the motors.


Please see the layout in the picture, then it alternates in that order.

yes I believe I have connected the telemetry cable (black-white-red) as shown in figure, but it still does not work.

Make sure you arm the throttle at least once to start the flow of telemetry data from the escs

I’ve tried everything throttle and get it to armed mode but the controller does not work. i tested the servo tester separately on all 4 motors and esc they work yes. It looks like the ppm signal is not coming from the controller. the ppm signal should be something like 1000-4000us

Make sure the PWM connectors are on the right pins. White is the signal and black is ground. The one with the red is telemetry

Yes, the pins are connected in this way.

Lets try one more thing.
Try going to in Chrome and connecting your controller via USB.
Hit connect at the top and then the “Reboot in bootloader mode” button that the bottom.

Then drag the attached file below to the new USB drive that shows up on your computer. That will update the firmware and should solve the issue.
flash.uf2 (140.5 KB)

If you cant get the controller to reboot in bootloader mode you can always open the controller case and double tap the small reset button on the bottom right when its powered on.

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Yes, this was successful. not in the easiest way but by disassembling the throttle and double clicking the small button. Thank you very much.

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